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Green Hell Storage & Transportation Update


Entwickler Creepy Jar hat das neue Update Storage & Transportation für Green Hell veröffentlicht.

Green Hell Patch-Notes

New Stuff

  • Sled – a new addition for transporting heavy objects which won’t fit in your Backpack. You can put two different types of Heavy Objects in one Sled,
  • Elevator – a new, easier way of transporting heavy resources to both upper floors of your base and to Tree Houses,
  • Shelf – a new type of universal storage, that you can unpack most of the items from your Backpack – excluding weapons and sticks,
  • Hanging Shelf – now you can add more storage space with the first wall add-ons
  • Quick Pick Up – With the option to turn off animation delay for picking up items you no longer have to wait for animation to complete to pick another item. The faster you click, the faster you pick.


  • Baskets – A reworked version of the Small and Big Stone Stands are renamed to Baskets and now can hold various types of objects, such as stones, bones, planks, green coconuts, and more.
  • New Bamboo versions of Stands – Every storage construction now has its bamboo version.
  • One universal Leaf Stand – Leaf Stand now has two slots. You can choose what materials you want to stack in each slot: Banana or Palm leaves.
  • Universal Wood Stands – Stands for logs and sticks made of bamboo or wood can store both wood and bamboo materials in each, e.g. wooden materials can be stored in bamboo racks.
  • Increased capacity of Stands – All stands have now increased capacity.
  • Improved item storing & pick-up mechanic – Now you can place and take out an item in storage with a single button, and take it out with another.


  • Game no longer crashes after trying to stack Armadillo Meat together with other meats
  • System of construction snapping was reworked. It is now more convinient to attach Ghosts to already built Constructions
  • Snapping the Ladder to Triangular Frames is adjusted
  • Building and using Climbing Places is now more convinient
  • Improved render distance of constructions added in Building Update
  • Tree Platforms’ Ghosts now collide with each other, preventing from building new inside the existing one
  • Player can no longer snap multiple Construction Ghosts to one spot
  • Frog Stretcher progress icon now updates properly for all Players in co-op session
  • Already placed construction Ghost doesn’t disappear when player rapidly presses Q just after placing it
  • Mud Fireside Wall can be now properly built on Tringular Frames with roof on top
  • Triangular Banana Leaf Roof now properly casts shadow
  • Size of Notebook Constructions drawings is adjusted
  • Doors now have proper state after reloading the save
  • Disabling Head Bob no longer causes input issues when fighting with the Tribes
  • Players’ input should no longer be blocked when petting an animal in crowded environment
  • Opening Notebook / Map during Blowgun reload animation no longer causes an input lock
  • Pressing a right stick on a Controller no longer causes crafting animation to loop
  • Player longer gets stuck when opening Map / Notebook while using the Pottery Table
  • Sample Analyzer in Story can be now properly used by any Player in co-op session after the reload
  • Ghost for putting down Kid in Spirits of Amazonia villages is now properly displayed for all players in co-op session
  • Player is no longer able to craft Spirits of Amazonia arena weapons during the Tutorial
  • Kid from the Spirits of Amazonia first village no longer falls down the bridge after being spawned
  • It should no longer be possible to bypass the Snake Pass in Spirits of Amazonia
  • Picking up the Kid from the deep water now works properly
  • Planting Boxes put on the Triantular Frames’ roofs now get proper hydration from the rain
  • Changing name of a fruit directly on a plant now works properly
  • Climbing on Floating Frames while carrying multiple Heavy Objects now works properly
  • Player can now put only one Heavy Object of each type on the Crafting Table
  • Heavy objects are no longer stuck to Player’s hands while drowning
  • Stingray Sting can be now used to remove underskin worm
  • Unlocking Animal Pen by interacting with Snare Trap now gives a proper notification
  • Player can no longer tranqulize baby animals
  • Gender of the animal no longer changes randomly when reloading a session
  • After session reload, animals no longer disappear if they were called
  • Name of the tied animal no longer resets to default after session reload
  • Unlit fire no longer displays overlapping text
  • Unlit Torch no longer displays overlapping text when trying to ignite it from Campfire
  • All small items can now be properly picked up from the slots at the Campfire
  • “Items that are put on the campfire by using ‘insert’ button should be fully visible”
  • Player can no longer place soups or infusions in Clay Bottle
  • Big Stone no longer disapperas from the Crafting Table after running while using Controller
  • Bowls thrown into deep water can now be properly picked up
  • Trunks of cut down large palms now work properly after a session reload
  • Players are now able to wash themselves in any body of water while standing under cover
  • Fishes cought by spear fishing now always land in Inventory of Player who cought it in co-op session
  • Two hand axes now take one hit to destroy Green Coconut
  • Resetting Key Bindings to default now works properly
  • Player can now save changes on the frame rate error pop-up

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