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Green Hell Hotfix v.2.3.5 Name Your Pet

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Entwickler Creepy Jar hat das Hotfix v.2.3.5 veröffentlicht.



  • All water triggers near Mu’Agi village now work properly
  • Quassia Amara now has a proper size when being cooked
  • Animal Poison stacks icon no longer overlaps with the other parts of UI
  • All animals status icons are now aligned properly
  • Missing Polish translation when talking to the Habbacu Elder is now fixed
  • Saving Game Calendar in Cartel location in the Story Mode now displays properly
  • “In use” message on a tied up animal now displays properly
  • Aim’ keybind is displayed only if the dart is loaded,
  • Water and Food Trough are placeable only in the Animal Pen
  • Frogs in Frog Stretcher keep their colors after reloading the game
  • Unfinished darts are now positioned properly when being dragged through the Frog Stretcher
  • “NoSpaceInBackpack” text no longer appears when filling the Trough
  • Notebook will always open on page on which it was previously closed
  • The progress of Achievements should now be tracked properly when loading a game save from 2.3.3 and earlier versions
  • Sting animation works properly when the Player has an Armor equipped
  • Animals caught in Snare Trap now die after being hit
  • Animals should now get pregnant more often
  • Animal statistics are hidden after it gets tranquilized in the Pen
  • Animals now turn to the Player to be pet
  • Clients’ input now work properly after joining a canceled Trial
  • Blowpipe loading sound is now synchronized with its animation
  • Animals now behave properly after calling them from outside of the Pen
  • Tribesmen now attack the Pen if the Player tries to hide inside it
  • Animals should now behave properly when untied in an area not adapted to AI
  • “Call” and “Expand” have now separate controls when using a gamepad
  • Trials finish now properly when a Player joins the trial in progress
  • The Progress of Legend-related achievements will be now properly transferred after joining a coop session
  • “Oyohua Mu’agi” Achievement should now properly unlock for all players in coop session (retroactively as well)
  • The “Babysitter” achievement progress should now be properly unlocked for all players in coop session
  • The Progress of achievements should now be properly synchronized for all Players in coop session no matter the distance between them
  • “That’s the spirit!” Achievement now unlocks properly
  • The Items in the Backpack should no longer be shuffled after reloading the game

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