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Green Hell Hotfix Patch


Entwickler Creepy Jar hat zwei Hotfixes zum letzten Update Storage & Transportation für Green Hell veröffentlicht.

Green Hell Patch-Notes

Hotfix V 2.5.1


  • Game no longer crashes when the Host closes a co-op session while the Client is using the Sled
  • Game no longer crashes when attempting to deliver Water to a Fisherman in the Spirits of Amazonia Mode
  • Constructions no longer remain in the air after the flooring underneath has been destroyed
  • Footbridges can now be build more easily between Doorways
  • The requirement for building a Small Fire under Ayahuasca cauldrons is now properly displayed and the cauldrons are usable for all Players in co-op sessions
  • The boat in the Spirits of Amazonia storyline can be fully repaired – even after a session reload
  • Crouching while using the Sled is now disabled
  • Player can no longer use the Sled while holding a Heavy Object
  • Player is no longer able to interact with the Airport Radio while using the Sled
  • Items can no longer duplicate if placed inside a Construction Ghost which is close to the Sled
  • Finishing building the Sled no longer cuts the grass underneath it
  • The rendering distance of the Elevator has been adjusted
  • Player is now able to move the entire stack of items onto a Shelf
  • Fire starting items no longer reset their durability when put on Shelves
  • Bidons and Bottles no longer lose their contents upon reloading a game save
  • Interaction range for weapons put on Bamboo Weapon Rack has been adjusted
  • Weapon position on Bamboo Weapon Rack has been adjusted
  • Weapon Rack can now be properly destroyed by all Players in a co-op session
  • Campfires can now be properly placed under the Smokers and Campfire Racks that are located on higher floors of the base
  • River Mud which has been dropped during swimming now properly despawns
  • Fast Pick Up option in game is now properly capitalized in all languages

Hotfix V 2.5.2


  • Items taken from a Shelf in co-op session no longer become inactive
  • The game no longer crashes when using Save & Quit option after repairing the boat in the Spirits of Amazonia Mode
  • The Survival Guide book found in the Spirits of Amazonia Mode now properly unlocks constructions in the Notebook
  • Closed liquid containers no longer loose their contents after destroying the Shelf they are stored on
  • Items no longer duplicate after destroying the Shelf they are stored on

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