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Golf With Your Friends Unity Update

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Entwickler Blacklight Interactive und Team17 haben ein Update für Golf with your Friends veröffentlicht:

Golf With Your Friends Patch-Notes:

Changes and Additions:

  • Rebuilt game in a new version of Unity to improve support and tooling for future development.
  • Revamped the lighting for each course.
  • A free Headbangers cosmetic DLC hat!


  • [Steam PC] Fixed a bug where online lobby type would automatically change from Password to Public in the Session Setup window when attempting to create a Password lobby.
  • [Escapist] Fixed up a missing wall asset on Hole 10.
  • [Twilight] Fixed a wall barrier near the goal in dunk mode appearing in a solid magenta colour
  • [XB1] Fixed a bug where creating a lobby and accepting invites could occasionally result in Network Error Messages.
  • [Level Editor] Added new 1×1 floor tiles so they now exist for all themes
  • [Level Editor] Fixed visual inconsistency in look between old and newly added icons for 1×1 floor tiles.
  • [Level Editor] Fixed a bug where the player could enter the level editor without naming and describing the course.
  • [Level Editor][Forest2] Fixed a problem where the 1×1 floor tile assets for the Peaceful Pines theme was missing.
  • [Level Editor] “Do you wish to save” prompt will now show when retiring from the level editor
  • [Level Editor] Changed the default settings within the level editors test mode to the following:
    – Free Cam Time = Infinite
    – Show Last Shot Power = Enabled
    – Retry Shot = Last Shot
    – Jump = Enabled
  • Fixed the EULA text overlapping the “Help and Options” UI when the menu is opened in-game for the first time.
  • Fixed the EULA text not being possible to scroll and getting cut off in various languages.
  • Various other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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