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Gas Station Simulator Update 3


Entwickler DRAGO entertaiment hat das Update 3 für den Gas Station Simulator veröffentlicht.

Gas Station Simulator Patch-Notes:

  • Fixed an issue in some other scenarios, that made the player get stuck in the cash register minigame while an employee was trying to serve the customers there
  • Employees now should avoid Warehouse stairs
  • Performance in the Warehouse area was increased
  • Employee behavior in connection with secondary tasks in the schedule was improved
  • Terrain was adjusted to help customers exit a car when going to the fuel pump on the first Gas Station level
  • Employees now should correctly take the Ice Cream vending assignment
  • Employees now will not take Ice Cream vending assignments while the player is occupying the booth
  • Employees now should correctly take the job when the second assignment is swapped with the first one in the schedule
  • Employees now will not get stuck on Fuel Pumps

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