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eGroupware Bugfix Release 23.1.20230726 veröffentlicht

eGroupware 23.1

Die Groupware und Kollaboration Software basierend auf PHP und Javascript, eGroupware ist in Version 23.1.20230726 veröffentlicht worden. eGroupware bietet im Browser Funktionen wie E-Mail, Kalender, Aufgabenverwaltung, Projektmanagement, Dateimanager, Zeitdokumentation, Kanban-Board, CRM-Funktion, Helpdesk oder Wiki Funktion. 

eGroupware 23.1.20230726 veröffentlicht

  • Api/Login: application passwords / token to use instead of regular user credentials, optional with limited rights
  • Mail: REST API to send mails including attachments / sharing links, or open interactive compose windows, see
  • Mail: improve performace by skiping search for avatar images in contacts in favor of loading them when they become visible
  • Calendar: new REST API to read, create, modify and delete events, see
  • Calendar: fix empty calendar on mobile devices
  • Calendar: Added category filter for events without a category set
  • Api: When clicking an email address, ask if user wants to add email to existing compose window or start a new mail
  • Api: Customfield selectboxes can read options from a JSON file in the VFS using @[path] ex: @/home/Default/options.json
  • Adressbook/CardDAV: unconditionally start output-buffering to fix problems with huge multiget reports from TB110 AB
  • mailto: fix wrong URL registered for on premise installation (you need to delete it in the browser first!)
  • Wiki: allow German umlauts and other non-ascii chars in page names
  • Infolog / Tracker: Change timesheet total columns to ignore timesheet ACL
  • Tracker: Add configuration setting for default tracker queue for new tickets instead of just the first one
  • Tracker: Add read / unread filter to tracker list
  • ActiveDirectory: implement fail over for multiple AD controllers (failed controllers are blacklisted for 5min)
  • Setup/Authentication: added an authentication log and fallback authentication for all backends

Quelle: Release 23.1.20230726 · EGroupware/egroupware · GitHub

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