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Docker Engine Bugfix Release 25.0.1 und Security und Bugfix Release 25.0.2 veröffentlicht

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Die Open-Source Containervirtualisierung Docker ermöglicht die Isolierung von Anwendungen in Containern und steht sowohl für Linux, Windows und MacOS zur Verfügung. Die Engine, bzw. Docker -CE erhielt Updates die Fehler korrigieren und zur Stabilität von Docker beitragen.

Docker Engine 25.0.2 Release Notes


This release contains security fixes for the following CVEs affecting Docker Engine and its components.

CVEComponentFix versionSeverity
runc1.1.12High, CVSS 8.6
BuildKit1.12.5High, CVSS 8.7
BuildKit1.12.5High, CVSS 8.7
BuildKit1.12.5High, CVSS 7.7
BuildKit1.12.5Medium, CVSS 5.5
Docker Engine25.0.2Medium, CVSS 6.9

The potential impacts of the above vulnerabilities include:

Docker Engine 25.0.1 Release Notes

  • API: Fix incorrect HTTP status code for containers with an invalid network configuration created before upgrading to Docker Engine v25.0. moby/moby#47159
  • Ensure that a MAC address based on a container’s IP address is re-generated when the container is stopped and restarted, in case the generated IP/MAC addresses have been reused. moby/moby#47171
  • Fix host-gateway-ip not working during build when not set through configuration. moby/moby#47192
  • Fix a bug that prevented a container from being renamed twice. moby/moby#47196
  • Fix an issue causing containers to have their short ID added to their network alias when inspecting them. moby/moby#47182
  • Fix an issue in detecting whether a remote build context is a Git repository. moby/moby#47136
  • Fix an issue with layers order in OCI manifests. moby/moby#47150
  • Fix volume mount error when passing an addr or ip mount option. moby/moby#47185
  • Improve error message related to extended attributes that can’t be set due to improperly namespaced attribute names. moby/moby#47178
  • Swarm: Fixed start_interval not being passed to the container config. moby/moby#47163

Packaging updates

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