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Docker Engine 24.0.3 und 24.0.4 Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source Containervirtualisierung Docker ermöglicht die Isolierung von Anwendungen in Containern und steht sowohl für Linux, Windows und MacOS zur Verfügung. Die Engine, bzw. Docker -CE erhielt Updates die Fehler korrigieren und zur Stabilität von Docker beitragen.

Docker Engine 24.0.4 Release Notes

  • Fix a regression introduced during 24.0.3 that causes a panic during live-restore of containers with bind mounts. moby/moby#45903

Docker Engine 24.0.3 Release Notes

  • containerd image store: Fix an issue where multi-platform images that did not include a manifest for the default platform could not be interacted with. moby/moby#45849
  • containerd image store: Fix specious attempts to cache FROM scratch in container builds. moby/moby#45822
  • containerd image store: Fix docker cp with snapshotters that cannot mount the same content multiple times. moby/moby#45780moby/moby#45786
  • containerd image store: Fix builds with type=image not being correctly unpacked/stored. moby/moby#45692
  • containerd image store: Fix incorrectly attempting to unpack pseudo-images (including attestations) in docker loadmoby/moby#45688
  • containerd image store: Correctly set the user agent, and include additional information like the snapshotter when interacting with registries. moby/moby#45671moby/moby#45684
  • containerd image store: Fix a failure to unpack already-pulled content after switching between snapshotters. moby/moby#45678
  • containerd image store: Fix images that have been re-tagged or with all tags removed being pruned while still in use. moby/moby#45857
  • Fix a Swarm CSI issue where the Topology field was not propagated into NodeCSIInfo. moby/moby#45810
  • Fix failures to add new Swarm managers caused by a very large raft log. moby/moby#45703moby/swarmkit#3122moby/swarmkit#3128
  • name_to_handle_at(2) is now always allowed in the default seccomp profile. moby/moby#45833
  • Fix an issue that prevented encrypted Swarm overlay networks from working on ports other than the default (4789). moby/moby#45637
  • Fix a failure to restore mount reference-counts during live-restore. moby/moby#45824
  • Fix various networking-related failures during live-restore. moby/moby#45658moby/moby#45659
  • Fix running containers restoring with a zero (successful) exit status when the daemon is unexpectedly terminated. moby/moby#45801
  • Fix a potential panic while executing healthcheck probes. moby/moby#45798
  • Fix a panic caused by a race condition in container exec start. moby/moby#45794
  • Fix an exception caused by attaching a terminal to an exec with a non-existant command. moby/moby#45643
  • Fix host-gateway with BuildKit by passing the IP as a label (also requires docker/buildx#1894). moby/moby#45790
  • Fix an issue where POST /containers/{id}/stop would forcefully terminate the container when the request was canceled, instead of waiting until the specified timeout for a ‘graceful’ stop. moby/moby#45774
  • Fix an issue where docker cp -a from the root (/) directory would fail. moby/moby#45748
  • Improve compatibility with non-runc container runtimes by more correctly setting resource constraint parameters in the OCI config. moby/moby#45746
  • Fix an issue caused by overlapping subuid/subgid ranges in certain configurations (e.g. LDAP) in rootless mode. moby/moby#45747rootless-containers/rootlesskit#369
  • Greatly reduce CPU and memory usage while populating the Debug section of GET /infomoby/moby#45856
  • Fix an issue where debug information was not correctly printed during docker info when only the client is in debug mode. docker/cli#4393
  • Fix issues related to hung connections when connecting to hosts over a SSH connection. docker/cli#4395

Quelle: Docker Engine 24.0 release notes | Docker Documentation

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