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Dark and Darker Patch 1

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Entwickler IRONMACE hat den Patch 1 für Dark and Darker veröffentlicht

Dark and Darker Patch-Notes

Unlisted Changes

  • Chests now also rolls for extra trinkets
  • Warlock Curse of Pain, Curse of Weakness, and Power of Sacrifice now cost 5 HP.
  • Warlock Torture Mastery now no longer heals from all magical damage when Curse of Pain is active on the target.
  • Warlock and Bard are now limited by Spell Memory.


  • Sounds have been added to UI, Items, Perks, Skills, Spells, etc.
  • Water sounds now play when you step on water.
  • 7 new emotes have been added.
  • A feature has been added to receive server maintenance notices in-game.
  • Additional protection added against possible security vulnerabilities.
  • Barbarian and Fighter’s face shapes have been modified.
  • Added new attributes: Manual Dexterity, Persuasion.
  • Rarity-specific skins have been added for the Drum and Lyre.
  • Cloak’s cloth simulation has been slightly optimized.
  • Item skins are now displayed properly on the paper-doll.
  • Several other changes not listed were included.


  • All weapon damage has been rebalanced.
  • Most armors have been updated and give additional bonuses in addition to just armor rating.
  • Armor rating curve slightly reduced at the upper end due to the higher overall armor values.
  • The value range of most random modifiers have been rebalanced.
  • Battle Axe now has a slightly longer range.
  • Torches and Lanterns give a slight movement speed advantage rather than a penalty.
  • 4 new artifacts have been added: Echo of Screams, Soulreaper, Deathbloom, Stinky Stick.
  • Lockpick drop rate has been increased.
  • Greater Luck Potion has been added to the Fortune Teller.
  • New craft and mining items added.


  • Additional attack patterns added to the Nightmare version of the monsters in the Goblin Cave.
  • Skeleton Champion animations have been updated.
  • Royal Guard animation has been updated.
  • Ruins Golem subboss has been added.


  • The names of level modules are now displayed on the minimap.
  • Additional layouts added to the Normal Goblin Caves map pool.
  • High-Roller Crypt maps increased from a 4×4 to a 5×5 size.
  • The Normal and High Roller Crypt now share the same map pool.
  • Added an extra Dark Swarm’s phase so players don’t need to traverse as much distance at once.
  • Updated environments for approximately 40 level modules.
  • Level object density for Ruins and Crypts has been increased.
  • A portal has been added to the outskirts of Ruins.
  • The Rusty Iron Door has been re-added to the High-Roller pool.
  • New Royal Coffins have been added to the dungeons.
  • Previous Gold Chests have returned to the dungeons as Marvelous Chests.


  • Coin Bag that holds up to 500 gold coins has been added. Must be crafted at the Leathersmith.
  • Coin Chest that holds up to 3000 gold coins has been added. Must be found from the Treasure Hoards.
  • Merchants updated to sell a much larger amount and variety of items.
  • Equipment Slot filter has been added to Trading Post.
  • Trading Post now displays a Timestamp.


  • Bard reworked to make the class more gear and attribute dependent.


  • Warlock’s Curse of Pain now has a slightly more generous aim.
  • 2 new perks have been added to Warlocks: Curse Mastery, Vampirism.
  • 8 new spells have been added to Warlocks: Bolt of Darkness, Evil Eye, Bloodstained Blade, Flame Walker, Life Drain, Ray of Darkness, Eldritch Shield, Summon Hydra.


  • Rogue will no longer break stealth when bumped if the Pickpocket perk is equipped.
  • Rogue’s Hide cooldown changed from 45s -> 40s.
  • Rogue’s CutThroat cooldown changed from 60s -> 28s.


  • Ranger’s Quickshot now fires a different amount of arrows based on the Bow type.
  • Ranger’s Quickshot cooldown changed from 18s -> 28s.
  • Ranger’s Multishot cooldown changed from 35s -> 28s.
  • Ranger’s PenetratingShot cooldown changed from 28s -> 24s.
  • Hunting Trap only deals 1 damage per second at all rarities.


  • Wizard’s Fireball damage changed 30/15 -> 25/10.


  • Fixed an issue where the player character’s hair could appear strangely depending on the head armor.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character’s inner face could be exposed.
  • Fixed an issue where T pose could be exposed when consuming a potion.
  • Fixed an issue where the ankles could appear turned when sitting down after wearing the Battle Axe.
  • Fixed an issue where Reactive Shield and Dark Reflection could not be activated.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes item options were not created properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Torch skin was missing animations.
  • Fixed an issue where the lantern would sometimes not light up.
  • Fixed an issue where hit sounds would be played when goblins die.-Fixed an issue where Dark Swarm’s next area could be designated as the outskirts of the map.
  • Fixed an issue where if you drank a potion and used Stealth outside of Dark Swarm, Stealth would not be broken even if you took damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Trading Post’s rarity filter was sorted by name rather than by rarity.
  • Fixed an issue in Trading Post where text that was too long would disappear instead of being printed to the next line.
  • Fixed an incorrectly installed portal.
  • Fixed an issue where Warlocks could not be granted Karma.
  • Fixed background objects with incorrect collision.
  • Fixed several issues that were causing crashes.

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