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Contraband Police Week 2 Patch

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Entwickler Crazy Rocks hat einen weiteren Patch zum kürzlich erschienen Contraband Police veröffentlicht. Mit dem Patch wurde “Cloud Game Saves” hizugefügt, somit könnt ihr eure Spielstände über Steam auf jedem Gerät abrufen.

Im folgenden findet Ihr eine Auflistung der Patch-Notes:

Contraband Police Patch-Notes

  • Corrupted save files will no longer cause the game to freeze when loading.
  • You can now catch any runaway even with the default police car.
  • Fixed some unexpected crashes during gunfights.
  • Fixed misjudged inspection due to papers background and stamp mistakes.
  • Newcomers wont turn in a strange way when getting into their car.
  • Achievements: Merciful, Perfect Inspector, Unstoppable are now obtainable.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect death in the Crime Scene mission (Chapter IV).
  • Fixed disappearing subtitles during missions.
  • Fixed a bug where a player was blocked while using the work phone.
  • When the player finds no mistake in the documents, the inspection summary will show which document it was in.
  • Runaway will no longer ram other newcomers in the inspection zone.
  • We gave more time to search the car of the captured fugitive.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the last mission from launching.
  • Prisoners will no longer escape from the car if the player is nearby.

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