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Bum Simulator Patch 3.7.12.a


Entwickler Ragged Games hat den Patch 3.7.12.a für den Bum Simulator veröffentlicht.

Bum Simulator Patch-Notes


  • Added Japanese translation.


  • The incoming raid window will no longer appear during cutscenes.
  • Fixed the description for roasted apple and tobacco.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the effects of fruit salad to be permanent.
  • Fixed the plant harvesting widget so it disappears correctly after harvesting.
  • Fixed the Big Guano Collector so it provides the correct amount of guano.
  • Fixed the bug that caused building catalog and workbench list selection to change if the inactive mouse cursor was over them.
  • Fixed the bug that caused some buildings to drop below 0 health instead of getting destroyed.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the target practice side quests to trigger repeatedly.
  • Fixed the “Ghost Cop Who Crashes The Game” bug (hopefully… you can never tell with ghosts).

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