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Bum Simulator Patch 3.5.17.a


Entwickler Ragged Games hat den Patch 3.517.a für Bum Simulator veröffentlicht.

Bum Simulator Patch-Notes


  • The unlimited FPS option no longer caps your FPS to 60.
  • You can now set your frame limit to 30, 60, 90, 120, 144 FPS in both the main and pause menus.
  • Fixed a bug that was seemingly assigning the ‘E’ to Move Backwards input. You should now be able to remap keys as expected.
  • Prevent erroneous firing of the “Hide and Seek” quest after it was already finished.
  • Clown Royale created in legacy Early Access saves will now work correctly.
  • Wooden Floors built by players will now spawn (and save) in the correct rotation.
  • Fixed the bug that caused Walls and Floors to disallow disassembly.
  • Dissasembled buildings will now correctly return materials when the recipe required 1x of the item. (previously it returned a stack of 0)
  • Raids no longer happen on peaceful difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug that locked the camera after drawing on cardboard in Build Mode.
  • Added quest markers to indicate the current step required in many Main Story quests.
  • You can now skip the entry cutscene when entering a certain warehouse.
  • Drawing on the cardboard is now less sensitive to diagonal input when using a gamepad.


  • Bum Simulator now has its own icon, instead of the Unreal Engine one.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented the Trash Can Lids from respawning.
  • You can no longer jump while dying.
  • Reduced the ratio at which cars honk.
  • Pigeons in cages will now correctly display the applied costume.
  • Fixed an item duplication glitch.
  • Raids will no longer fire during the alchemy tutorial.
  • Reduced edge collision for player-built fences, you can now build them slightly closer to each other.
  • Minor fixes for the shooting range quests, when entered with Shuriken skill equipped.
  • Added a low-key audio cue to the begging input.
  • Pigeon Lady and Mr. Jello icons on the map are now more visible.


  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Minor localization and credits typo fixes.

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