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Bullet Echo 5.4 New Mystical Season, New Hero

Bullet Echo Levi

Der beliebte Tactical Mobile Team Shooter vom Entwicklerstudio ZeptoLab, erhielt heute das Update 5.4. Das mobile Spiel steht in den Shops für Android und iOS bereit. Das Update bringt neben einer neuen Map auch den neuen Helden Shenji, sowie weitere Neuerungen und Bugfixes. Webseite:

Bullet Echo - Held Shenji
Bullet Echo – Held Shenji

Leider mussten wir heute feststellen, dass das Update diverse Bugs hat und so z.B. ein Spiel im Modus Sabotage nicht startet oder im Spiel hängen bleibt. Wir hoffen auf ein baldiges weiters Update….

Bullet Echo 5.4 Ankündigung und Neuerungen

Once the current episode is over, we’ll embark on an epic Journey to the East! The Eastern Journey season will bring you a new hero, unique skins, and updated customization:

Meet the new hero! Say hello to Shenji 🔥

Class – Ambusher

Weapon – Incendiary Shotgun

Faction – Pyro

Shenji is fire incarnate! He is armed with a shotgun loaded with incendiary rounds. Each shot creates four lines of fire that remain on the surface for some time and deal damage to anyone who steps on them. Ignition lines’ damage has an accumulating effect: the longer heroes stay on the line, the more damage they receive.

Ability – Fire Hunter

Shenji launches the Fire Hunter – a device that creates an Ignition Zone after some time after launch or upon contact with another hero. This Zone grows over time. Zone damage is divided into main and additional, and every second the main damage increases by the value of the additional damage. Incendiary Zone also deals additional damage to armor and slows down everyone inside it.

Additional facts:

🔥 Ignition lines and Ignition Zone have an armor damage modifier.

🔥 Shenji has some immunity against Ignition lines (-35%) and the Ignition Zone (-20%).

🔥 There’s a limit on the number of Ignition lines from one hero that can exist at the same time – currently, the limit is 6 lines.


The new season will show you the many sides and faces of the East! We have prepared mind-blowing skins, mocking gravestones, unique sprays, and cool stickers for you. Nya!


Sabotage has reached a new location – the Smugglers’ Port!

Take a breath of fresh (or not so fresh) air and don’t think about what happened to all the smugglers.


It’s time to move into 2023 (yes, in March) with a new, fresh, and completely updated look for your profile.

What’s new

⭐️ Favorite Hero: In the right-hand block, you will now see your favorite hero with their chosen skin and gear. If you haven’t chosen a favorite hero, you will see your current hero in their current skin and their gear.

⭐️ Avatar: If you have set one of the heroes as your favorite, they will be displayed as your avatar; otherwise, your avatar will display your currently used hero.

⭐️ Hero Stats: You can now view the stats of any available hero and select them as your favorite and your avatar.

⭐️ Overall Stats: You can now see your overall stats for the King of the Hill, Royal Battle and Squad vs Squad modes, including the number of played games, the number of victories for each mode, and the win rate.

A small addition: VOLUME SETTINGS 🔈

Now you can adjust the volume of sound in the game, including voice chat. Please note that by default, volume control for voice chat is not available – it is locked until you grant the game access to the microphone.

Sounds interesting? Some of it you will see as soon as you enter the game, and we look forward to your feedback on the new features. As for the Journey to the East, we’ll pack for it together. Carrying weapons in checked and carry-on luggage allowed


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