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BackupPC 4.4.0 Feature und Bugfix Release

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BackupPC ist eine Open Source Lösung für die Datensicherung von Dateien und Verzeichnissen mit Features wie Deduplikation und weiteren Funktionen. Heute ist die neue Version 4.4.0 erschienen. Diese bringt 7 neue Funktionen und korrigiert fast 30 Fehler.

BackupPC 4.4.0 Release Notes

  • any full/filled backup can be marked for keeping, which prevents any expiry or deletion
  • any backup can be annotated with a comment (eg, “prior to upgrade of xyz”)
  • added metrics CGI (thanks to @jooola) that replaces RSS and adds Prometheus support
  • tar XferMethod now supports xattrs and acls
  • rsync XferMethod now correctly supports xattrs on directories and symlinks
  • nightly pool scanning now verifies the md5 digests of a configurable fraction of pool files
  • code runs through perltidy so format is now uniform (thanks to @jooola, with help from @shancock9 and @moisseev)


  • Merged pull requests #325#326#329#330#334#336#337#338#342#343#344#345#347#348#349
  • Filled/Full backups can now be marked as “keep”, which excludes them from any expiry/deletion. Also, a backup-specific comment can be added to any backup to capture any important information about that backup (eg, “pre-upgrade of xyz”).
  • Added metrics CGI, which adds Prometheus support and replaces RSS, by @joola (#344#347)
  • Tar XferMethod now supports xattrs and acls; xattrs should be compatible with rsync XferMethod, but acls are not
  • Sort open directories to top when browsing backup tree
  • Format code using perltidy, and included in pre-commit flow, by @joola (#334#337#342#343#345). Thanks to @joola and @shancock9 (perltidy author) for significant effort and support, plus improvements in perltidy, to make this happen.
  • Added $Conf{PoolNightlyDigestCheckPercent}, which checks the md5 digest of this fraction of the pool files each night.
  • $Conf{ClientShareName2Path} is saved in backups file and the share to client path mapping is now displayed when you browse a backup so you know the actual client backup path for each share, if different from the share name
  • now checks the per-host in a V3 upgrade to warn the user if $Conf{RsyncClientCmd} or $Conf{RsyncClientRestoreCmd} are used for that host, so that the new settings $Conf{RsyncSshArgs} and $Conf{RsyncClientPath} can be manually updated.
  • Fixed host mutex handling for dhcp hosts; shifted initial mutex requests to client programs
  • Updated webui icon, logo and favicon, by @moisseev (#325#326#329#330)
  • Added $Conf{RsyncRestoreArgsExtra} for host-specific restore settings
  • Language files are now all use utf8 charsets
  • Bumped required version of BackupPC::XS to 0.62 and rsync-bpc to
  • Ping failure message only written to stdout only if verbose
  • BackupPC_backupDelete removes partial v3 backup in HOST/new; fixes #324 reported by @thalueng
  • BackupPC_backupDelete adds -f option to over keep, if set
  • BackupPC_nightly: change -f to -F when running BackupPC_refCountUpdate during fsck
  • Better formatting of eval cmd result in cmdSystemOrEvalLong()
  • Remove zero count entries in per-backup and per-host poolCnt files
  • Add a fake version parameter to the CSS URL to overcome caching
  • Fixed ALRM typo in BackupPC_dump, by @rhansen (#348)
  • Fixed command name in error message in BackupPC_archive, by @rhansen (#349)
  • lib/BackupPC/Xfer/ skips adding –iconv option when $conf->{ClientCharset} is utf8 or empty, to avoid a long-standing rsync bug
  • lib/BackupPC/Xfer/ provides a more informative warning when the client rsync exits with an IO error, and also includes the IO error in the xferErr count
  • lib/BackupPC/Xfer/ recognizes NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error
  • Increase text length in config editor fields, by @moisseev (#336)
  • Typo fix in, by @cure (#338)
  • Minor documentation updates, removing old SourceForge links


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