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Backpack Battles Patch 0.8.2

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Entwickler PlayWithFurcifer hat ein Patch für das Strategiespiel Backpack Battles veröffentlicht.

Backpack Battles Patch Notes:

  • Multiple bags can now be selected, moved, and rotated by drawing a box!
  • NEW ITEM: The Fool (part of the Playing Card pool)


  • Ruby (inventory): Now triggers once after a delay, life steal increased
  • Sapphire (inventory): Now triggers once after a delay, adjusted Cold amount
  • Emerald (inventory): Now triggers once after a delay and gives Regeneration directly
  • Topaz (armor): Now also gives some crit resistance, but less stun resistance
  • Topaz (inventory): Now gives base stamina regeneration instead
  • Lucky Piggy: now has two * tiles, chance bonus 25% -> 15%
  • First playing card in the chain no longer reveals after 1.0, uses the reveal time of the respective card instead (mostly for consistency)
  • Dancing Dragon: Cooldown 2s -> 2.2s
  • Hungry Blade: Cooldown 1.6s -> 1.7s
  • Bloodthorne: Cooldown 1.6s -> 1.7s
  • Stone: Accuracy 65% -> 70%
  • Burning Torch: Ramp chance 30% -> 35%
  • Mr. Struggles now reliably triggers before Health Potions bump your health back over the threshold
  • Mr. Struggles: Speed boost duration 5s -> 6s
  • Strong Demonic Flask now applies the healing debuff before doing the damage, so Health Potions are affected
  • Darkest Lotus now has the “Magic” type
  • Critwood Staff is now Legendary


  • Fixed cards creating wrong connections when pushed aside by the Deck of Cards itself


  • Items in storage box are now easier to grab
  • Items now move to the storage box when dragged below the inventory around the character so it is easier to store your items
  • Potion fluid effect now has different properties for different potion types

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