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Backpack Battles Patch 0.7.5

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Entwickler PlayWithFurcifer hat ein Patch für das Strategiespiel Backpack Battles veröffentlicht.

Backpack Battles Patch Notes:

  • NEW RECIPE: Moon Shield
  • Damage Meter can now be switched to Heal!
  • Combat log now tracks damage, accuracy, critrate etc throughout the whole battle history! (There are still things missing, more work on that will come in the future.)


  • Spectral Dagger is now crafted with Mana Potion
  • Belladonna’s Whisper: Damage needed per Poison 7 -> 8 (also slightly reworded)
  • Staff of Unhealing: No longer gets +4 heal when Mana used
  • Strong Poison Flask: Poison delay 5s -> 6s
  • Platinum Customer Card: Unique Chance 6% -> 8%
  • Ruby Chonk: Damage +2
  • Fancy Fencing Rapier: Cooldown 1.8s -> 1.7s
  • Poison Dagger: Damage +1
  • Pandamonium: Damage +1
  • Eggscalibur: Damage +1
  • Tusk Piercer: Damage +1
  • Crossblades: Damage +1


  • Fixed Hungry Blade/Bloodthorne not logging the used Regeneration
  • Darksaber now plays an attack animation
  • Piggybank no longer logs “+0 maximum health gained”


  • Cap of Discomfort now is a “Dark” item
  • Dropdown lists now highlight the hovered entry

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