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7 Days to Die Update A20.6 b8 EXP

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Entwickler The Fun Pimps hat die neue Experimental A20.5 b2 veröffentlicht.

A20.6 b8 EXP
A20.6 b8 EXP

A20.6 b8 Changelog


  • JunkDrone NPC menu entry for toggle ally healing.
  • News window in main menu
  • DBS/F11 screenshots are now showing the world gen seed
  • GiveXp command


  • Storage and Service sounds to be consistent between vehicles and the drone.
  • Friends, History and LAN tabs in server browser now ignore filters and show all entries
  • Vultures don’t auto aggro on players in vehicles
  • Updated repair and harvest items on gas pumps and vending machines to discourage exploits


  • Localization needed for drone ally healing
  • ModRoboticDroneModCooldown and Desc needs localization
  • Drone sounds don’t affect stealth.
  • Vehicles storage access not playing sounds or adding to player stealth.
  • Drone receives buff from charismatic nature, nets +1 hp gain per hit at level 3
  • Drone will trigger when motion sensor is set to strangers and zombies
  • Drone pathing NRE when falling in Prefab Editor
  • Drone can’t heal abrasion when using a first aid bandage or kit
  • Localization needed for drone ally healing
  • ModRoboticDroneModCooldown and Desc needs localization
  • Error with the drone with multiple cargo mods on a dedi, after a long play session.
  • EAC crashing the game on macOS Monterey
  • Key rack in diner_03 triggers a shutter in the poi next to it.
  • Seeds cannot spawn in trader loot.
  • Imposter blocks for poi abandoned_house_03.
  • Workbench crafting tool mod dupe
  • Can’t pickup nonsquare frames if inventory is full
  • Store_grocery_03: On/off button on a forge becomes unresponsive
  • Clients in playtest games receive an NRE after selecting the given LCB
  • Harvested farm plots vanish when player inventory full
  • Molotovs are always lit once you light the first one in the stack
  • Workstations visually disappear when placing motion detecting equipment in the same chunk
  • Accessing an aimable electrical component after doing a melee attack will make you repeat the attack
  • BuffPerkGunSlingerBonus cvar doesn’t clear during automatic fire if triggered with single shots
  • Urban Combat Vol. 7 no longer works due to unlinked IsIndoors cvar
  • Iron and steel spears disappear when thrown too far
  • Underground crouching and sprinting can result in teleportation to surface
  • Harvesting animals with full inventory results in lost items
  • Damage mitigation buffs only give a HP refund to players, not actual damage mitigation
  • Double XP killing a zombie while it is on fire using torch or any explosives.
  • Using auger or chainsaw right before they’re done repairing breaks item/hand placement and hand animation
  • Vehicles collide with Sticky Projectiles
  • Can not save prefabs on MS Store build Saved prefabs now always go to the LocalPrefabs folder in the UDF
  • Can not create new worlds on MS Store build New worlds now always go to the GeneratedWorlds folder in the UDF
  • “Show light performance” setting in the editor carries over to normal game
  • Mod code being initialized twice if both legacy and new mod location exist and code mod being in the latter
  • Saving during imposter creation kills POIs
  • Creative menu stack size number decreases by right clicking single quantities of a grabbed stack into inventory
  • Not trying to load mods twice if UserDataFolder is set to the game folder
  • Players with nonlatin characters in their Windows user profile are unable to start game through the game launcher
  • Typo on special infected group GS1 and GS50 zombieWightRadiated probability
  • As client on a dedi, buried supplies are always in the South West Quadrant of the circle.
  • Buried supplies/treasure chests can spawn below bedrock.
  • Breaking weapon sound is not happening anymore.
  • “NO TRADER” appears on starter quest if no forest biomes exist or no trader in nearby forest.
  • ZombieSoldier backpack collision issue
  • Fixed industrial light 2 lens flare being blocked at moderately low angles
  • Fixed crawler and spider ragdolls shift back when blending out.
  • Fixed street lamp LOD group thresholds being too low.
  • Going from vehicle mod slot to clothing mod slot causes NRE
  • Switching from drone’s mod window to another mod window will transform the drone to the other item
  • Iron and steel spears disappear when thrown too far.
  • On/off button on a forge becomes unresponsive
  • Knife harvest can easily hurt other players if they are standing near you
  • Accepting invites / joining through friends list is not blocked while game is still initializing
  • XBL invite creates new launcher and game instance if already running
  • Unable to join servers with some player names


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