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7 Days to Die Update A20.5 b2 stable

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Entwickler The Fun Pimps haben das neue Update A20.5 b2 veröffentlicht. 

A20.5 b2 changelog


  • Server browser now shows warning when results hit the search limit 
  • Localization files are tested for a valid header line and show appropriate errors 


  • Removed EAC compatibility warning on Windows 11


  • Voice comms fail for player who was voiced in multi player party who then leaves game to main menu then rejoins game and party 
  • Voice chat fails to initiate for latest joiner to the party 
  • EAC error after entering server password 
  • Reenabled player reporting 
  • UserDataFolder and SaveGameFolder did not allow gamedir relative paths 
  • PartSpawn in POI Marker doesn’t pull parts from mod folders 
  • XUi FilledSprite view not properly updating on position changes 
  • Drone causing excess data in player data .ttp file on dedi 


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