Tine 2.0 Community Edition Update 2020.03.3

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Die Open-Source Groupware Tine2.0 Community Edition erhielt seit Anfang Dezember 3 Updates. Das aktuell ist das Update 2020.03.3. Tine 2.0 CE synchronisiert E-Mails, Termine, Aufgaben und Kontakte mittels ActiveSync oder CalDAV mit Smartphones und anderen Geräten. Das Update 2020.03.3 behebt zahlreiche Fehler und bringt neue Features wie den Export der Kontakte mittels VCard und dem allgemein verwendeten Mechanismus CardDAV/CaldAV. Der Support für Ubuntu 20.04 “Focal Fossa” wurde hinzugefügt, während Ubuntu 18.04 aus dem Support genommen wurde.

Tine 2.0 CE 2020.03.3 Release Notes


d1277a4 feature(ActiveSync/Admin) add device owner filter
0146d4e feature(Addressbook/Export): add VCard export
0f40b4f feature(Tinebase): implement /health check
2b455d8 feature(Tinebase/Filesystem): add setNodeAcl CLI
0381ce3 feature(Timetracker): use accounting_time for invoicing
51dbeee feature(Calendar/Export): export all personal calendars
cbd1646 feature(Calendar/Export): split big export files
df4b8f0 feature(Timetracker): Add accounting Time and Factor
10f32ff feature(Calendar/Export): make big exports work
0241989 feature(Calendar/Export): export VCalendar into file
a655cba feature(Calendar/Export): add attachment to VCalendar export
82af2c5 feature(Calendar/Export): add VCalendar export to gui
5f3be1f feature(Tinebase/LDAP): allow to set SYNC_USER_ACCOUNT_STATUS via config
fa86648 feature(Calendar): use sabredav for ics export
5851c09 feature(Crm/Export): add csv export for leads
881e524 feature(Tinebase): allow authUser/roleChange login
295255b feature(Felamimail): define html editor default font


56a725a fix(Calendar Export) CF resolving for recur instances fixed
112e2cc fix(docker/config) fix tika install and activate filesystem indexing
dbbb1d5 fix(docker) config.inc.php.tmpl missing a quote
59ee3f6 fix(TB CFFilter) fix search for empty record (array)
ed42eb4 fix(TB User/Group Replication) gracefully deal with missing user/groups on slave
0b4494a tweak(Timetracker): fix some dialog issues
01d5b1b fix(Tinebase/EmailUser): wrong email user id in setPluginPassword
7c87367 fix(Felamimail/Sieve): use edit grants for sieve functions
478cca7 fix(Felamimail/Filter): no result if $_filterData value empty
49a209c fix(Tinebase/Filesystem): fix setNodeAcl CLI
e215915 fix(build): remove tine20 custom apps from vendor
ab9bad0 fix(Tinebase): favorite grantbox search group/user/role
ac611c9 fix(Timetracker/Update): set accounting_time in new fn
999ba9c fix: remove unnecessary assignments (#7059)
e549a3e fix(ci/config) set MAJOR_COMMIT_REF_NAME to 2020.11
708b25a fix(ci/config) set MAJOR_COMMIT_REF_NAME to 2019.11
fcf69ac fix(ci/docker/caching) discard builtkit caching
e1e6bfa fix(Calendar/Export): make ATTACH work
2b213e2 fix(Calendar/Export): only add X-CALENDARSERVER-ACCESS once
e7ae5bd fix(ci) use AllTests with NodeIndex
3bc3a7a fix(TB Model CustomFieldFilter) – introduce all “record” features (notDefinedBy etc.)
af33ae5 fix(Felamimail): put needle/haystack in right order (strpos)
20c12bf fix(TB Expressive) make http status code exception handling working
13e8879 fix(Felamimail/Account): remove system account
ce638d4 fix(Felamimail/iMIP): catch iMIP validation error
58b6d70 fix(Calendar Rrule) special case count(ByDay) > count fixed
2979700 fix(Setup/Install): show correct app count
bd1be92 fix(Tinebase/DateTime): isvalid check for datetime
b47caa9 fix(Felamimail/Folder): add exception for create duplicate folder
8bf3144 fix(Addressbook/Contact): check user object
2766493 fix(Tinebase/FileSystem): don’t check feature in constructor
b7dd3c5 tweak(phpstan): fix some code errors
29cc718 fix(Felamimail): fix merge fail
20c0265 fix(Felamimail): do not autocreate folders without PW
ca16ecd fix(Sales): merge_invoices is no longer sortable
5bc5d48 fix(Felamimail/EditDialog): prevent js error without account

Quelle: https://github.com/tine20/tine20/releases

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