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Thunderbird 102.2.2 Bugfix Release

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Der kostenlose Mailclient für Windows, MacOS und Linux, Thunderbird, erhielt das Update 102.2.2. Das Update behebt 7 Fehler und fürht eine Änderung durch.

Thunderbird 102.2.2 Release Notes


Setting added to change Calendar event double-click action to open Edit Event dialog rather than view only; Set to true.


  • Running Compact Folders on maildir folders caused a redownload of all messages in the folder
  • Accessing mail folders in profiles with many folders was slow
  • SMTP servers were not always properly initialized, and were not listed in Account Settings
  • APOP authentication unsupported when connecting to POP3 server
  • OpenPGP key discovery failed
  • POP accounts hosted by AOL were not able to authenticate using OAuth2
  • Unable to open context menu in newsgroups header for groups that are not subscribed

Quelle: Thunderbird — Release Notes (102.2.2) — Thunderbird

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