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Sons of the Forest Patch

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Entwickler Endnight Games hat ein kleinen Patch für Sons of the Forest veröffentlicht.
Mehr Informationen findet ihr in den Patch-Notes.

Sons of the Forest Patch-Notes:


  • Added Skunks
  • Added new rabbit breeding and holding structures
  • Small animal traps will now trap rabbits and keep them alive. Trapped rabbits can now be picked up.
  • Scarecrow will now prevent eagles and seagulls from grabbing food or landing nearby


  • Improved some animations
  • Speared fish visuals are now synced on characters in multiplayer
  • Creepy attack parties will now be sent towards the plating structure instead of player
  • Improved bird awareness to prevent multiple landing in same location


  • Fixed issue with crafting menu obscuring crafting mat after crafting
  • Fixed rabbits not being saved on load if caught in trap
  • Improved cannibal culling ranges when viewed with binoculars
  • Cannibal spears will now match culling range of cannibals
  • Fixed small trap not being plateable unless triggered
  • Fixed some missing static world colliders
  • Fixed rare instances that could cause multiplayer disconnects with traps
  • Fixed issue causing player to get into bad state with grab-bag, lighter and campfire interaction
  • Fixed canned food placement on shelves
  • Improved deer and moose dynamic avoidance
  • Fix for grave digging not rendering correctly in some locations
  • Fixed issue with severed limbs not syncing their perishable states correctly when on a drying rack or being cooked on a campfire.
  • Fixed thrown severed limb orientation changing after first impact
  • Fixed issue with storage sometimes losing items when full
  • Fixed duping issue when adding items to storage
  • Fixed issue with ui being stuck on in some cases when dismantling
  • Fixed rare case of client being kicked when consuming items
  • Fixed some instances that would push the player through collision when being knocked down
  • Fixed issue with shotgun ammo cycling not working as expected
  • Fixed collision on some cellar entrances
  • Fixed bug with demon boss cutscene becoming broken when teleporting
  • Fixed multiplayer arrows losing upgrade type when dropped by Kelvin
  • Fixes for Heavy Cannibal sitting interaction, and reaction when taking damage while sitting
  • Fixed cannibal look out tower visuals disabling too soon
  • Fixed instances where characters could sometimes spawn in view of players
  • Fixed orientation issues after relocating some SCREW structures such as wall torch
  • Fixed issue causing player to get into a bad state when interacting while being revived

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