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Seafile Server 9.0.10 Bugfix Release

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Seafile ist eine Cloudlösung zum synchronisieren von Dateien und Ordner per Desktopclient, mobiler App und Browser. Das Update 9.0.10 von Seafile Server behebt 7 Fehler und führt Verbesserungen zur Stabilität durch.

Seafile Server 9.0.10 Release Notes

  • Admin list all users API now return last_login and last_access_time
  • [fix] Fix a bug in displaying markdown file in sharing link
  • [fix] Fix notification mails are sent to inactive users
  • [fix] Fix viewing a file in an old snapshot leads to server hickup
  • [fix] Fix an HTTP/500 “Internal server error” when the user sets password containing non-latin characters for sharing links
  • [fix] Fix “document convertion failed” error visiting a shared document with preview only
  • [fix] Fix memory leak when block cache is enabled
  • Enable ‘zoom in/out by pinch’ for mobile in pdf file view page
  • [fix] Prevent system admin creating libraries with invalid name in admin panel
  • Improve performance in golang file server

Quelle: Seafile Community Edition – Seafile Admin Manual

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