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Roundcube 1.6.2 Bugfix Release

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Der belliebte Webmailer Roundcube erhielt das Service Release 1.6.2, das kleine Fehler korrigiert und Verbesserungen zur Stabilität durchführt.

Roundcube 1.6.2 Release Notes

  • Add Uyghur localization
  • Fix regression in OAuth request URI caused by use of REQUEST_URI instead of SCRIPT_NAME as a default (#8878)
  • Fix bug where false attachment reminder was displayed on HTML mail with inline images (#8885)
  • Fix bug where a non-ASCII character in app.js could cause error in javascript engine (#8894)
  • Fix JWT decoding with url safe base64 schema (#8890)
  • Fix bug where .wav instead of .mp3 file was used for the new mail notification in Firefox (#8895)
  • Fix PHP8 warning (#8891)
  • Fix support for Windows-31J charset (#8869)
  • Fix so LDAP VLV option is disabled by default as documented (#8833)
  • Fix so an email address with name is supported as input to the managesieve notify :from parameter (#8918)
  • Fix Help plugin menu (#8898)
  • Fix invalid onclick handler on the logo image when using non-array skin_logo setting (#8933)
  • Fix duplicate recipients in “To” and “Cc” on reply (#8912)
  • Fix bug where it wasn’t possible to scroll lists by clicking middle mouse button (#8942)
  • Fix bug where label text in a single-input dialog could be partially invisible in some locales (#8905)
  • Fix bug where LDAP (fulltext) search didn’t work without ‘search_fields’ in config (#8874)
  • Fix extra leading newlines in plain text converted from HTML (#8973)
  • Fix so recipients with a domain ending with .s are allowed (#8854)
  • Fix so vCard output does not contain non-standard/redundant TYPE=OTHER and TYPE=INTERNET (#8838)
  • Fix QR code images for contacts with non-ASCII characters (#9001)
  • Fix PHP8 warnings when using list_flags and list_cols properties by plugins (#8998)
  • Fix bug where subfolders could loose subscription on parent folder rename (#8892)
  • Fix connecting to LDAP using an URI with ldapi:// scheme (#8990)
  • Fix insecure shell command params handling in cmd_learn driver of markasjunk plugin (#9005)
  • Fix bug where some mail headers didn’t work in cmd_learn driver of markasjunk plugin (#9005)
  • Fix PHP fatal error when importing vcf file using PHP 8.2 (#9025)
  • Fix so output of log_date_format with microseconds contains time in server time zone, not UTC

Quelle: Release Roundcube Webmail 1.6.2 · roundcube/roundcubemail · GitHub

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