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Rocket.Chat Bugfix und Feature 6.1.0 veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler der Open-Source Chatplattform Rocket Chat haben das Bugfix Update 6.1.0 veröffentlicht. Das Update behebt Fehler und bringt ein Feature.

Rocket.Chat 6.1.0 Release Notes

Engine versions

  • Node: 14.21.2
  • NPM: 6.14.17
  • MongoDB: 4.4, 5.0, 6.0
  • Apps-Engine: 1.38.0

New features

  • VideoConference Guest mode and Conference Router (#28186)Jira Issue: [VC-79]


  • Adding input type=password to AWS secrets fields (#28159)Some fields that store secrets for AWS were exposing sensitive data because they didn’t have the input type as password.The change includes adding the password type and also changing the autocomplete value from <PasswordInput /> component to add the value new-password to avoid the browser autocompleting with the existing password. (This does not prevent the browser to show the hint to add the password)

Bug fixes

  • Engagement dashboard crash on Users tab (#28131)
  • Gallery opening other image after closing (#27957)How to reproduce:
    1 – Upload MANY images to a channel (they have to be images and the bigger and more images the easier to reproduce)
    2 – Click on one of the images
    3 – Try to close the glalery as QUICK as possibleIf done correctly, another image will open after closing the gallery. You could also try opening different images or throttling the network thru the devtools in order to help reproduce it.I also took some time to make part of the code more readable.
  • hide offline registration option for disconnected workspaces (#28662)
  • Livechat MessageList not auto scrolling on new message (#28547)

Minor changes

  • Change price filters for Enterprise apps (#27553)
    • Currently, Enterprise apps are classified as “Free apps”. Now, they have been moved to a new “Enterprise” category in the Apps page of the Marketplace.
    • Created a new “Enterprise” pricing filter in the Apps page.
    • Removed the “Free” tag next to the install button for enterprise apps, on the App Info page.
    • regression: removed css for unread and upload indicators (#28645)
    • I had to revert a css deletion to rollback the styles form Upload and Unread indicators
    • Remove old css (#28140)
    • Update Apps-Engine to latest (#28646)Update the Apps-Engine version to v1.38.0

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