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POSTAL 4: No Regerts Update 1.3.0


Entwickler Running With Scissors hat das Update 1.3.0 für Postal 4:No Regerts veröffentlicht.

Postal 4 Patch-Notes:


  • Optional non-pacifist route to the Animal Catcher errand which is accessible via the back of the Catcher building!
  • Audio improvements! Added in destruction sounds for Sewer wall, more music to building interiors as well as more ambience throughout all areas
  • New and improved weapon textures! Desert Eagle, AK, Revolver, Machete, M16, Pigeon Mine, Shotgun, FOURnicator, The Mop and more
  • New Armor type “DuraFlab Armor” to Speciality Vending Machines!
  • More icons to the Map Screen! (Marking Vending Machines, Vendors, more Points of Interests, etc.)
  • New Stats to Stats Screen! (Revolver Executions and Explosives Exploded)
  • Dismemberment animations for NPCs / Non-lethal dismemberment! They will no longer die if you chop off their leg as an example, instead, they’ll hop around on it
  • Charge bar for chargeable weapons! (Machete, Sledgehammer, Chain Sickle)
  • “Gnome Hunter” Ongoing side-errand! You will be able to recycle gnome statues that are spread throughout some of the areas in Edensin for extra cash
  • Heat emissive textures for the guns! The barrels will glow if you fire the weapons continuously! (Incendiary ammo upgrade will cause the barrels to immediately glow)
  • Explosion dismemberment and a knockdown chance for NPCs standing close to cars when they explode!
  • Decapitated NPCs vomiting from their necks!
  • New color-shifting Robe cosmetic! Available to purchase from the Clothing Vending Machines for $5000
  • Kill Streak / Quick Kill feature!
  • Trip-wire alarm system in the fancy houses in Affluent section!
  • (The area with Mike J’s mansion). You will need to find a control panel and destroy it or fight the Police in order to steal some of the paintings
  • Cat Silencer skin support for Rocket and Grenade Cats!
  • NPCs pissing their pants when hit when electrocuted!
  • New knockdown animations for NPCs!
  • Functional Super Soaker pump! Pumping the Soaker will make the stream stronger, the pressure will go down as you use it
  • More ambient / creepy sounds throughout all areas as well as misc. Audio work! (Adding music to Kart Kiosks as an example)
  • Ability for the Chain Sickle to rip out chunks of NPCs’ flesh when hit!
  • Alternate Fire mode for the Pigeon Swarm so the cage acts as a Mine!
  • ThirdPerson empty reload animations for Pistols and Rifles!

Changed / Improved

  • Improved the cliff scapes
  • Improved Blood puddles and transitions between a splat and a puddle
  • Dual-wielding a gun along with a Bidet petition will now have a correct button order
  • Changed Bums to now use initial weapon per day system instead of always spawning with fists, they can spawn with pistols, fists, sometimes nothing, rarely Grenades and Molotovs as the week goes on, and so on
  • Made it easier to befriend hostile dogs
  • Adjusted Pistol, Revolver, and Hunting Rifle damage types to support dismemberment
  • Improved collision on plenty of assets
  • NPCs will now panic properly if you kick an ATM
  • Improved localisation for all languages
  • Improved the Spike cutscene
  • Added more Chicks in Riverside in order to make the achievement less painful to earn
  • Level Design improvements: Assets z-fighting, destructible doors, physics consistency, visible pop-in, navigation, broken toilets
  • Prison Block improvements: Added guard passageways, grunge, fixed some UVs issues with columns, collision fixes, marked the cell blocks on the map
  • Improved AI reactions to cars exploding
  • Improved blood rendering, it’ll no longer look like wine
  • Made it so that when you open doors and windows during apocalypse that they now play the Apocalypse music track to their respective buildings
  • FOURnicator alt-fire will now penetrate when firing all four barrels
  • Set unique impact effect for Dude without massive blood splats covering the screen
  • Sledgehammer throw can now be held and thrown on release
  • Chain Sickle will now have a chargeable throw
  • NPCs will now say something if they hear an explosion within 5K units of them
  • Improved heavy stagger animations
  • Improved the queue systems, vendors – especially Civvie – should no longer get confused
  • Bosses will now do pain grunts instead of NPC screams when hit with Pigeon Mines
  • Improved weapon positioning in Dude’s hands in third-person


  • Players being awarded kills for NPCs falling out of the world
  • Certain glass models being static and not destructible
  • NPCs going off road into areas they shouldn’t way too often
  • Combo boxes on game menu not changing language when game language changes
  • Climbing ladders not looking right in third-person in some cases
  • Mallet being able to be duplicated from point blank throws
  • Dude peeing blood when set on fire
  • Bad skinning on the Ingram
  • Police and Mercenaries fighting against each other
  • Fixed mini-game in Kunny Island
  • Clipping on certain animations
  • Paintings in the Art Gallery using an outdated frame model
  • Camera sometimes breaking during Fix Race errand
  • Teleport issues when transitioning to The Zag
  • Fixed clothing meshes not having backfaces
  • Animation clipping during M16 reload
  • Various ladders not acting properly
  • Charged melee attacks swinging before the charge animation finishes
  • Cutscenes playing in slo-mo when weapon wheel was left active
  • Floating pickups throughout the game
  • Janky Video Menu settings
  • Taser impact particles
  • Water item counting as healing item but not healing the player
  • Dildo arrows spawning blood splatters facing the wrong way
  • Some cheats activated via Cheats Menu double-activating
  • Deadzone look left/right resetting and various gamepad navigation fixes
  • SiC Armor pickup collar material not shimmering
  • Police Uniform item description not fitting inside clothes bag text space
  • Many, many more bugs that we can’t fit here!

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