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POSTAL 4: No Regerts Update 1.0.8


Entwickler Running With Scissors hat das Update 1.0.8 für Postal 4:No Regerts veröffentlicht.

Postal 4 Update 1.0.8
Postal 4 Update 1.0.8

Patch Notes


  • Helicopters! Another type of Police reinforcements will now start spawning from helicopters. They are also destructible!
  • Texts App! Hints and Game Tips will now be displayed and saved in its own app on your Phone!
  • Sledgehammer and Rubber Mallet!
  • Hate Groups!
  • Improved Going POSTAL Challenges! You will now have an option to replay a challenge after completing it
  • Collectible Tiered Rewards! We’ve overhauled the system for earning rewards after collecting the doll collectibles. Now, after collecting 10/30/50 of each doll, the rewards will be redeemable in the new ‘REWARD’ vending machines as opposed to spawning in crates in Anu’s Inn
  • Police Station confiscation mechanic! After getting arrested, your stuff will now get confiscated by Police. You’ll need to retrieve your possessions from the security rooms
  • Random chance for Dogs to pee!
  • Vending Machine improvements! Current number of items / ammo will be shown on the screen as well as the max inventory capacity
  • Max Capacity marker for pickups
  • More clothing variations for NPCs!
  • Inventory upgrades! You will now be able to purchase two backpacks in Vending Machines. One will double your inventory space, the second will remove the space limitation completely
  • New Animals! Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Goats and Pigs will now appear in certain areas of Edensin
  • NPCs grabbing pickups off the ground!
  • Very Hard difficulty setting!
  • Pissing blood when you get shot in the dick while urinating!
  • Donut pickup! Just like in P2, you will be able to pee on one and have an unfortunate NPC pick one up and eat it. Ew
  • Reworked Doll collectibles! You will now have an option to sell the collected dolls at vendor stands spread throughout the maps
  • Nitro Upgrade for Scooters in Scooter Stations! For an extra fee, you will be able to purchase a Nitro add-on for your scooter. You can also buy a Nitro item which is a bit more expensive but will give you an option to use it on any bystander Scooter you might have rudely stolen or just any you find laying around
  • New vehicle models! We replaced the old car meshes with new, better looking models
  • Working fireworks stand next to the Polling Station!
  • Max Capacity indicator! It will appear over pickups that you can’t pick up due to the capacity limit being reached on that particular item
  • Beret hat for Wipe Militants to better differentiate them between regular NPCs!
  • Three new Going POSTAL Challenges
  • ynamic animation system that controls the animations of the face depending on the sound! This will make the NPCs look less doll-like and more expressive
  • Animal crowds (Rats, Cockroaches) to various areas in the game. You will notice rats and cockroaches spawn in bunches mostly in dirty / unkempt places
  • Playing fetch with dogs! Now, you can use NPCs heads to have some fun with dogs
  • Per-day dynamic bystander weapon spawn system! As each day passes, more bystanders will have weapons
  • Permits! You can now buy certain permits which will grant you extra conveniences, primarily when open carrying weapons in front of others. These are permanent status boosts that remain in effect until the end of the game. Note that using these weapons improperly will still incur the wrath of the law!


  • Reduced the overall size of the game on your harddrive by 5gb from the last update, and down 10gb since 1.0.
  • Spike boss fight. Added charge attack
  • Improved the Vitamin X kick sounds
  • Improved Prison errand: Level design changes, new tutorial section. Added pawns to fight in the Prisons Central Hub after the first 2 lockdown codes
  • NPCs will now react to all dead body parts
  • Updated Historic train textures
  • Improved the Flare Gun ammo pickup model
  • Visual and Gameplay improvements in Industrial tile
  • Added a Music Instrument store in Commercial tile
  • Going POSTAL Challenges and Doll Collectibles are now displayed on the side quest section of the Phone menu
  • Properly set up weapon and item orders in weapon and inventory wheels
  • Improved houses in Commercial tile around the cul-de-sac area
  • Delayed combat start added for Bosses which will prevent them from landing cheap shots after cutscenes
  • ‘Mall Closed’ signs will only appear on Tuesday
  • Changed some camera angles during the Animal Catcher cutscene to account for the new Van model
  • Melee weapons now use an input queue system for swings and charging swings
  • Optimized plenty of textures
  • Improved Spray Paint speed
  • Polished up the Sniper and FOURnicator animations
  • Completing the Animal Catcher errand in a violent way will now spawn hostile dogs
  • Improved the Police Station building exterior and interior in Mexico side
  • Improved Police Helmet model for higher level cops
  • Changed the Kevlar / SiC Armor icons in Vending Machines so that they don’t use the same icons as HUD
  • Added some railroad connections between tiles
  • Reduced the install size from ~32gb to ~25gb


  • MikeJ Estate audio reverb
  • Various items not having drop sounds
  • NPCs sometimes walking cross-legged on slopes
  • Bystanders falling out of the world sometimes during level loading
  • Homeowners getting stuck in an endless loop of reacting to the Dude home invader
  • Few assets missing textures
  • Janky terrain near the Fire Station
  • Clicking on some errands on Tuesday not creating the right path for you
  • Reverb staying the same as the mall reverb after exiting mall mission
  • Rampage hint disappearing too quickly
  • Broken severed hand in Tag Turf intro
  • Bad deformation to the dude’s wrist during plago intro cutscene while wearing costumes with no sleeves
  • Pay Fine cutscene playing twice if getting the cutscene by going to jail
  • Various crashes
  • Broken Tomb Raiders, and other AI issues on exiting cutscenes
  • Subtitles not appearing during Zack Ward Dude playthroughs
  • Wrong subtitles appearing in certain cases
  • NPCs not following player on stairs in Wipe Compound and Prison
  • Some misaligned Shotgun third-person animations
  • NPCs sometimes panicking instantly during combat

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