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Phasmophobia Update v0.9.6.0


Entwickler Kinetic Games hat das Update v0.9.6.0 für Phasmophobia veröffentlicht.

Phasmophobia Patch-Notes:


  • The Easter 2024 event has begun, it will be around for 2 weeks, so get investigating and earn those exclusive rewards!
    • More information can be found in-game
  • ID cards have had a facelift!
    • All badges now have a unique background when using that badge’s ID theme
    • Prestiges 11-20 have animated backgrounds to match their badges
    • Several colors have been adjusted
    • VIP and Artist have received new Badge designs
    • Volume slider colors are now the same as the EXP bar colors
  • Headphones are now visible when listening through the parabolic microphone


  • The middle lines of the ID card have been removed to make space for the new background designs (funds / ready status)
  • A ready sticker will now appear on the player ID card when that player is ready


  • Fixed several Lobby-Equipment desync issues between players
  • UI will no longer overlap when applying a locked difficulty
  • You can now complete the “Survive with starter items” daily challenge
  • You can now place a video camera on a tripod more than once in VR
  • Parabolic microphone III will now determine the direction of sounds properly in VR
  • EMF Reader III will now determine the direction of EMF spots based on your screen position (non-VR only)
  • Shop gamepad buttons no longer still activate when not focusing on shop
  • The VR cursor is now in the correct position when highlighting Thermometers
  • You now get insurance when you die in Amateur or Intermediate difficulty
  • Hovering over the corkboard in the truck no longer appears as interactable
  • The thermometer tiers now highlight correctly when hovering over them
  • Tier 1 upgrades are no longer locked in the inventory manager when you are at the required level
  • Ambient Occlusion will now correctly turn off when the setting is disabled
  • Firelights will no longer blow out as soon as they are turned on again after being blown out by the ghost

Known Issues

  • One of the lobby effects after completing the event may not be visible in every lobby
  • Leaving the main lobby and rejoining may fix the visual, until you return from a contract where it will break again.

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