Phasmophobia Update v0.6.0.1

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Entwickler Kinetic Games hat ein weiteres Update für Phasmophobia veröffentlicht.

Patch Notes:


  • Added Velcro to the small tent doors to help you see where to grab them in VR
  • Added up and down scroll arrows to the item store for VR to replace the scroll bar. Other scroll bars will be replaced in another update


  • Lowered the delay for taking photos in quick succession from 3s to 1s
  • Sanity pills are no longer a consumable when used


  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t place DOTS Projectors and Motion Sensors on walls
  • Fixed a bug where some of the controls image during training was misaligned
  • Fixed a bug where text in some languages in the truck were overlapping
  • Fixed the splash screen text overlapping in some languages
  • Fixed a bug where the Edgefield Garage light bled upstairs
  • Fixed a bug where the glowstick rendered incorrectly from far away
  • Fixed a bug where having toggle mute on would mute you by default
  • Fixed a VR bug where some items were rotated wrong when held
  • Fixed a VR bug where the belt would disable when you died, making it impossible to use the Journal
  • Fixed a VR bug where you couldn’t pick up the bone with Teleport Grab enabled
  • Fixed several cabinets and doors so that you can’t rip them off of their hinges in VR
  • Fixed a VR bug where several cabinet and door highlight circles were in the incorrect position
  • Fixed a VR bug where the DOTS Project ghost would show on the smooth spectator camera
  • Fixed a VR bug where push to talk and toggle mute wasn’t working on most headsets
  • Fixed a VR bug where you couldn’t teleport onto most floors with teleport movement


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