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Palworld Update 0.3.1


Entwickler Pocketpair hat das Update 0.3.1 für Palworld veröffentlicht.

Palworld Patch-Notes

New Content

  • New Island – Sakurajima
    • A new island has appeared! Sakurajima!
    • Take control of the tower protected by a new faction “The Moonflowers”, and free this beautiful island from their control!
    • Sakurajima is home to many new Pals! Explore and find new species!
  • Arena
    • An arena has appeared in the Desiccated Desert! Battle against other players to assert your dominance!
      (Multiplayer exclusive content)
  • Stronghold – Oil Rig
    • An oil rig controlled by the Rayne Syndicate has appeared in the ocean! Work together with your friends to defeat powerful enemies and claim valuable resources such as crude oil!
  • Player level cap raised to 55!
    • Players can now adventure to level 55!
    • New technologies available
    • Upper limit for Pal’s capture bonus has been increased from 10 to 12
  • New Resource – Crude Oil
    • You can extract crude oil by unlocking and placing a new building, the crude oil extractor, in certain spots around the world
    • New high-tier equipment and spheres can be crafted using the new material Plasteel which can be made from crude oil
  • New Raid – Blazamut Ryu has arrived! The strongest Dragon Pal in the game!
  • Meteorite Event
    • Meteorites or supplies will fall from space sometimes! There may even be an unknown Pal from outer space too…!?
  • Tower Boss Hard Mode
    • Each tower boss now has a hard mode, allowing you to face them in their ultimate form!
  • New Merchant – Medal Merchant
    • A merchant who will exchange a new item Dog Coin for rare items!
  • New Items
    • Mysterious Accessory Box – Permanently increases the number of accessory slots by 1
    • Concentrated All-Purpose Pal Extract – Increases the rank of a Pal by 1 when used
    • Ring of Freight – Increases your carrying weight when equipped
    • Vital Remedy, Stamina Remedy, Might Remedy, Speed Remedy, Burden Remedy – These new remedies permanently strengthen the player’s base stats. Until now, players could only increase their stats when levelling up, but now you can reach MAX stats!
  • New Weapons
    • Laser Rifle
    • Flamethrower
    • Gatling Gun
    • Grenade launcher
    • Guided Missile Launcher
    • Multi Guided Missile Launcher
    • Meteor Launcher
  • New NPC cosmetic hats! Dress up like your favourite bosses!
    • Zoe Hat
    • Axel Hat
    • Lily Hat
    • Victor Hat
    • Marcus Hat
    • Saya Hat
  • New Pal cosmetic hats! Dress up like your favourite Pals!
    • Lyleen Floral Cap
    • Sibelyx Hat
    • Leezpunk Hood
    • Killamari Cap
    • Cawgnito Hat
    • Ribbuny Headband
    • Lamball Helm
    • Dumud Helm
    • Swee Cap
    • Dazzi Hat
    • Cattiva Hat
  • New Buildings
    • Cold Food Box – Feed your Pals while keeping your food nice and cool
    • Sulfur Mine and Coal Mine – Gather valuable resources at your base
    • Pal Disassembly Conveyor – Get rid of unwanted Pals automatically! Your heart will hurt less this way…
    • Wall-Mounted Sign – Make notes without taking up too much space
    • Refrigerated Crusher – An upgraded Crusher that can break down various items into different items
  • New Feature – Lockpicking
    • You can now attempt to open locked treasure chests with the new lockpicking mini-game. Requires a Lockpicking Tool!
  • New Feature – Pal Skins! (Cosmetics for Pals)
    • You can now change Pal’s skin at the new Pal Dressing Facility!
    • The “Sunglasses Cattiva” skin is now available for everyone! More skins will be added in future updates


  • Pal Box capacity increased from 480 Pals to 960 Pals
  • Increased the maximum amount of power that can be enhanced by Lifmunk Effigies from 10 to 12
  • Added a setting that prevents items from being automatically picked up if it will overencumber the player

Base Related

  • The building system has been reworked and improved! Basic construction is now much more intuitive and smooth!
  • Pillars have been added. The days of accidentally demolishing a supporting wall and the entire 2nd flood collapsing are over!
  • Axis alignment function added
  • Defensive walls can now be connected
  • It is now possible to connect from the roof, walls, stairs, and pillars to the foundation (previously, connections could only be started from the foundation)
  • New building material “Glass” has been added. Keep an eye on your cute Pals from inside with glass walls!
  • The maximum base level has been increased to 25, and the number of bases allowed has been increased from 3 to 4 at level 25
  • You can now change the maximum amount of guild bases from the game options
    ※Note: Too many bases may lead to performance issues
  • You can now change the maximum amount of base Pals from the game options
    ※Note: Too many Pals at one base may lead to performance issues
  • Implemented a private lock function for chests. Your friends won’t be able to steal your metal anymore!
  • It is now possible to permanently assign a Pal to a specific facility from the Monitoring Stand
  • Cakes will now be transported to chests as a priority
  • Readjusted the work priority order for Pals
  • Changes to defense facility specifications. Work pals will use them automatically even if they are not assigned to a specific facility
  • Measures and mitigation for base pals getting stuck when a route cannot be taken


  • Added a lock function in the Pal Box menu
  • Player crosshair colour can now be adjusted and fixed an issue where the crosshair would get stuck behind the player
  • You can now craft items in units of 100x
  • Added more types of custom map markers, and increased the placement limit to 300
  • Statue of Power UI has been improved
  • Improved sorting function of Pal Box, making it easier to find the Pal you want


  • Junkyards have been added around the world! You might find some valuable items there…
  • A new random event has been added. Find and steal eggs from “Monster Nests” hidden around the islands!


  • New Pal Skills!
  • Unique Skills
    • Jumping Stinger (Menasting)
    • Rocket Slam (Chillet)
    • Protection of Fertility (Lyleen)
    • Raging Flame Wave (Faleris)
    • Thunderbolt Heavy Tank (Grizzbolt)
    • Polyceraunos (Orserk)
    • Divine Disaster II (Shadowbeak)
  • Neutral Skills
    • Air Blade
    • Holy Burst
    • Star Mine
  • Fire Skills
    • Flame Wall
    • Volcanic Rain
    • Flame Funnel
  • Water Skills
    • Splash
    • Wall Splash
  • Grass Skills
    • Circle Vine
  • Electric Skills
    • Thunder Rain
    • TriSpark
    • Thunderstorm
  • Ice Skills
    • Icicle Line
  • Ground Skills
    • Rockburst
    • Sand Twister
  • Dragon Skills
    • Beam Slicer
    • Comet
  • New Passive Skills
    • Philanthropist – Greatly reduces the time required to produce eggs
    • Impatient – Reduced cooldown on active skills
    • Infinite Stamina – Increased stamina (Only on mountable Pals)
    • Noble – Pals with this passive will give you an advantage when trading with merchants
    • Nocturnal – Pals with this passive become nocturnal and will work throughout the night


  • Added a new setting that always rejects guild invites

Balance Adjustment

  • Due to the increase in accessory slots, accessories with the same name have been changed so they cannot be equipped more than once
  • Defensive accessories have been balanced due to the increase in accessory slots.
  • Due to the addition of many new Pals, some Pal breeding combinations have been changed
  • Adjusted the selling price of all Pals. The selling price of Alpha Pals is now about twice that of the original species

Bug Fixes

  • Mitigations have been added for an issue that caused PCs to freeze when closing the game
  • Changed the grappling gun behaviour to make it less likely to get stuck
  • Many many many other minor bug fixes


  • A warning will now be displayed if the GPU driver is too out-of-date


  • 6 new songs have been added to soundtrack. If you have already purchased the game, please update the soundtrack.


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