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Paint.Net 5.0.4 und 5.0.5 Hotfix Release

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Die freie Bildbearbeitungssoftware für Windows Paint.NET ist in Version 5.0.4 und als Hotfix Release in 5.0.5 erschienen. Die neue Version bringt zahlreiche neue Funktionen und behebt Fehler. Es gibt zwei Versionen, die im Microsoft Store, die empfohlen wird oder die klassische Desktop Version aus dem Webinstaller. Einen portablen Installer gibt es zudem auf GitHub.

Paint.Net 5.0.5 Hotfix Relase Notes

  • This update is a hotfix for 5.0.4 that fixes loading images that have multiple frames (GIF or TIFF).

Paint.Net 5.0.4 Release Notes

  • This update includes another revamp of Image->Resize’s resampling modes, gamma correction for key parts of the app, higher quality canvas rendering, and a host of other miscellaneous fixes and improvements. In addition, GPU-based effect plugins now default to rendering in linear gamma space (existing plugins are not affected, however!) and have better access to color management information.
  • Gamma correction is important for maintaining luminance (brightness, basically) when an image is being processed or rendered. Sometimes this effect is subtle, but in some cases it can be quite pronounced. 
  • The Move Selected Pixels tool has also been upgraded to support this for all resampling modes (although it’s not applicable to Nearest Neighbor), and there is a new Gamma mode choice in the toolbar if you’d rather not use it for whatever reason
  • Next up, all in-app thumbnails and the canvas itself are now using gamma correction. This ensures that luminance (aka brightness) is correctly maintained when you’re zooming out on the image (and thumbnails are basically little zoom-outs of the image). Previously, the reduced size image would get darker in ways that we’ve all just kind of gotten used to over the years (but which is wrong ).
  • This required a bunch of changes to how the canvas renders itself, so while I was in that code I also bumped up the quality of its rendering. When zooming in to an image, a type of antialiasing is now applied so that the pixelation effect appears more uniform. And when zooming out, multisampling is used to make the image looking smoother. There are a lot less aliasing artifacts.
  • It’s hard to show these effects in your browser because things will likely get resized and distorted, but I’ll try. On the left is the original, a cloud bubble drawn into a 128×128 pixel space. Antialiasing was disabled and the brush size was set to 1. The next two images are zoomed at 267%, in v5.0.3 and then in v5.0.4. Notice how the pixelation effect is much more uniform in 5.0.4, eliminating the distortions you see in 5.0.3.

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