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OnlyOffice Document Server 7.4.0 erschienen


Der OnlyOffice Document Server CE erhielt das Update 7.4.0. Das Update bringt zahlreiche Neuerungen udn Bugfixes. Zeitgleich ist auch OnlyOffice Document Editors erschienen, Infos hier im Artikel.

OnlyOffice Document Server 7.4.0 Changelog

New features

All Editors

  • Add the Draw tab to the editors
  • Add the ability to add/choose color using the Eyedropper tool in the editors
  • Add the ability to copy formatting between graphical object
  • Completely rework the Protect tab template in the settings panel of the File menu, add titles
  • Add the ability to save objects as images in the context menu
  • Add opacity settings for borders of autoshapes, images, Text Art objects, charts
  • Add the support of radar charts
  • Add the support of the MHTMLSXCETETTSXIDPSDPTSXVSTWWPSWPT formats for opening in the editors
  • Change the component for displaying lists (add column headers)
  • Add the number of results to the Search box
  • Add the interface translation into Sinhala (si-LK, Sinhala (Sri Lanka))
  • Add Danish (da-DK (Dansk (Danmark)) to the regional settings
  • Add hints for color names
  • Add help in Turkish
  • Add the support for 250/300/350/400/450/500% interface scaling

Document Editor

  • Add the ability to combine documents
  • Add advanced settings for columns
  • Add advanced settings for numbered and multilevel lists
  • Add sections for recently used lists and lists in the current document in the presets
  • Add the ability to create a new list using the settings dialog
  • Add the ability to save a document to PNG and JPG
  • Add the exception list for autocorrect of capital letters

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Add the ability to protect ranges by specifying permissions for editing for certain people. For other users, the range will be view-only
  • Add the ability to change case of text)
  • Add page break preview
  • Add the ability to save a spreadsheet to PNG and JPG
  • Replace the Current sheet option with the Active sheets one
  • Add the ability to set a page range for printing
  • Add the ability to set the First page number in the print settings
  • Add the long and short formats of dates to the number format presets
  • Add menu items for working with pivot tables to the context menu
  • Add the Show values as setting for pivot tables
  • Rework the dialog window with sheet protection settings (move the Allow edit ranges button from the toolbar to the dialog window)
  • Change layout for some dialog windows containing lists (named ranges, protected ranges, sorting, conditional formatting)
  • Add the ability to set the first page number for the workbook sheet
  • Add translation of formulas into Armenian

Presentation Editor

  • Add the exception list for autocorrect of capital letters


  • Change the fixed form snapping. The form position is now calculated from the beginning of the page
  • Add the ability to add a new form without leaving the current one
  • Improve track rendering for fixed forms
  • Disable the ability to fill out forms in the editing mode
  • Remain the ability to fill out forms in the viewing mode (the ViewForms button)
  • Add a new API method for filling forms via the interface
  • The current form now has the same fill as the others in the editing mode
  • Fix minor issues with functioning of smaller forms inside complex ones
  • Added the Default value field to the right panel due to disabling the ability to fill out forms in the editing mode


  • Add the support for the start_date parameter in the server license for supporting licenses which will work in the future
  • User with an empty user id is considered as anonymous


  • Add new parameters to WOPI discoverymobileView and mobileEdit action for opening the mobile version of the editors It works via the API type parameter: mobile


  • Add new formula languages in the Spreadsheet Editor
  • Add suggestions for formulas in the Spreadsheet Editor


  • Use a unix socket by default
  • Use the default supervisord configuration
  • Return the init.d supervisor file


  • Add the parameter to customize the font size of interface elements (buttons, tabs, labels, etc.) in the editor configuration file: customization->font->size The setting is available for users with an extended license
  • Add the parameter to hide the Draw tab in the editor configuration file: customization->layout->toolbar->drawtrue/false (show/hide) The setting is available for users with an extended license


  • Add new methods for plugins to get and replace the current word/sentence It’s possible to get/replace a word/sentence both entirely and partially, before the cursor and after the cursor. It is regulated by the part=entirely|beforeCursor|afterCursor parameter
asc_editor.ReplaceCurrentWord(replaceString, part)
asc_editor.ReplaceCurrentSentence(replaceString, part)
  • Add new methods to ApiBuilder ApiComment.GetCommentId – returns a unique identifier of the comment created in the builder, it can be used again in this file in the future
  • Fix an issue with working ApiDocument.GetCommentById ApiDocument.InsertTextForm – inserts a text form instead of the selected text into a document. It’s also possible to turn the selected text into a Placeholder of this form
  • For plugins, add the onInsertOleObjects event with the OLEObjectData parameter (the array of objects), which works when inserting OLE objects into a document. The InsertOleObjectChangeOleObjects plugin methods are marked as asynchronous


  • Add the pluginsmanager utility for installing/removing plugins in the server


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