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OnlyOffice – Desktop Editors 6.0.0 erschienen


Die Desktop Editoren Document Editor, Spreadsheet Editor und Presentation Editor von OnlyOffice, erhielten mit dem Release 6.0.0 neue Funktionen und Bugfixes.

Only Office Desktop Editors 6.0.0 Release Notes

DesktopEditors/ at master · ONLYOFFICE/DesktopEditors · GitHub

New Features

All Editors

  • Option to adjust application interface scaling (Windows, Linux)
  • Autofit settings for shape
  • Ability to insert special characters
  • Autorun settings for macros
  • Selecting an image from storage for watermarks, shapes and slides filling
  • Added an autocorrection list
  • Redesign of color selection component
  • Ability to change a position and size of chart elements
  • Hotkey Ctrl + 0 for zoom resetting
  • Changed a behavior of hiding icons in tabs when editor window is reducing

Document Editor

  • Ability to insert date and time
  • Ability to print selection in view mode
  • Converting an equation from old formats
  • Changed placeholder for content controls
  • Redone the algorithm the justifying of a paragraph with condensing spaces

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Full support of pivot tables
  • Autofilter settings in pivot tables
  • Support of open all existing in file conditions for data bar conditional formatting
  • Support of open all existing in file gradients for data bar conditional formatting
  • Full support of slicers for format tables
  • Special paste settings
  • Ability to move a sheet from one workbook to another
  • Internal link to named range
  • Print titles
  • New component for cells selection
  • Ability to remove duplicate values
  • Ability to insert function via Function Arguments dialogue
  • Wrap Text and Shrink to Fit settings in right toolbar
  • Vertical Text option in text orientation settings
  • Ability to change the function in Total Row for formatted table
  • Delimiter settings for Special Paste and Text to Columns dialogue
  • LINEST function
  • Hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+’Plus sign’ and Ctrl+Shift+’Minus sign’ for date and time insertion
  • Hotkey Shift+F3 for a function insertion
  • Status bar settings
  • New mouse actions for work with format tables

Presentation Editor

  • Changed interface for internal link
  • Ability to print selection in view mode
  • Redesign of bullet and numbering list menu


  • All editors received countless fixes


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