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NVM – Node Version Manager 0.39.4 veröffentlicht

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Der Node Version Manager, kurz nvm, ist ein auf POSIX basiertes Bash Script das verwendet wird um Multiple aktive node.js Versionen zu managen.

NVM Node Version Manager 0.39.4 Release Notes


  • fix node download link for armv8l (#3102)
  • nvm exec: no longer error with ‘-q: invalid option’ for zsh users (#2800)
  • nvm_print_npm_version: if npm exists but its node crashes, do not print the npm version
  • nvm_ls_current: when node is present but crashes immediately, echo “none”
  • fix directory traversal when workdir path is not readable (#3080)
  • recognize 32Bit docker container and use x86 arch (#3051)
  • Remove unneeded call to ls in nvm_arch (#3012)


  • Improve performance of listing aliases (#3060)


  • Update base image from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04, cc #2877 (#3078)


  • [readme] add nvshim tool alongside avn (#2193)
  • [readme] fix typo in resolv.conf filename (#3135)
  • [readme] Update logo header (#3123)
  • [readme] Add instructions on how to install without editing shell config (#3100)
  • [readme] cdnvm function: fix shellcheck errors (#3082)
  • [readme] Update Travis CI badge and link url (#3077)


  • [meta] Remove unavailable testing script (#3105)
  • [Dev Deps] update markdown-link-checksemver
  • [actions] allow nvm to be installed


  • add unit tests for nvm_download_artifact
  • npm bin has been removed
  • downgrade python to v2 on travis (#3067)
  • move install script tests to github actions
  • improve debug output on failure
  • force the NVM_DIR to the expected location, for tests
  • Update urchin repository link (#2989)

Quelle: Release v0.39.4 · nvm-sh/nvm · GitHub

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