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Nextcloud App Polls 7.1.0 erschienen

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Die App Polls zum erstellen von umfangreichen Umfragen in der Open-Source Cloudlösung Nextcloud, erhielt das Major Update 7.1.0. Dieses führt Änderungen an der API Struktur durch, behebt Fehler, führt Änderungen durch und verbessert die Performance.

Nextcloud App Polls 7.1.0 Release Notes


  • Fixed counting of orphaned votes
  • Disable registration button while registration is pending
  • Disable “resolve group share” while resolving
  • Fix showing booked up options in polls with hidden results


  • Mainly performance improvements
  • Changed API structure for polls, please refer to the documentation


  • Added an option to allow to add polls to the navigation (default)
  • Limited polls inside the navigation to 6 items
  • Render the polls list in chunks of 20 items

[7.0.3] – 2024-04-05


  • Archive, restore and delete polls in poll list was missing, braught the options back to the action menu
  • fix a situation, where votes of a non existing poll are requested
  • Fix getting group members


  • Added an endpoint to the Api to be able to fetch the acl of a poll

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