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Nextcloud App Polls 5.4.0 Bugfix und Feature Release

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Die App Polls zum erstellen von umfangreichen Umfragen in der Open-Source Cloudlösung Nextcloud, erhielt das Update 5.4.0. Dieses behebt 4 Fehler und bringt einige neue Funktionen.

Nextcloud App Polls 5.4.0 Release Notes


  • Fixed granting admin rights to shares
  • Fixed a bug which prevented poll exports
  • Fixed a visually bug when using Nextcloud’s Dark Mode
  • Fixed result reporting about sent and failed confirmation mails


  • Reveal hidden voters if hidden in case of performance concerns
  • Support better readability of vote page
  • Added locking of shares
  • Shares can now be locked which works as a read only share mechanism. Locked shares can still enter the poll, but every interaction (voting and commenting) is disabled.
  • Deletion of locked shares deletes the users votes as well
  • Moved request for option proposals to a card on top of the vote page
  • Moved CTA for confirmation mails to card on top of the vote page
  • Added a card with a more prominent hint for closed polls
  • Changed user flow on public registration. When entering a public poll, the registration dialog does not pop up automatically anymore. A CTA has been added to open the registration
  • Slighly changed vote colors by adopting the cores color scheme


  • Improved username check for public polls with a large number of groups in the backend

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