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Kodi 20.2 Nexus veröffentlicht

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Der freie und plattformübergreifende Mediaplayer, Kodi, wurde aktualisiert und liegt nun im Zweig “Nexus”, in der Version 20.2 vor. Kodi läuft auf vielen Betriebssystemen, darunter: Linux, MacOS, Apple TV, Windows uvw.. Das Update ist ein Bugfix Release und bringt keine neuen Features oder Funktionen.

Kodi 20.2 Nexus Releas Notes

  • [Estuary][MusicViz] Fix label height by @enen92 in #22977
  • [Backport][Settings] Remove IsFullScreen complex condition by @enen92 in #22980
  • [backport][windowing] fix uninitialised weight by @joseluismarti in #22986
  • Fix playlist window data by @ksooo in #23013
  • [UPnP] Add extensions to libplatinum mimetypes by @enen92 in #22997
  • [Xbox] RendererShaders: Concurrency::event is broken on UWP/Xbox, remove parallelism by @thexai in #23014
  • [subtitles] Fix mkv subtitles without duration by @enen92 in #23102
  • [Backport] Python API: Fix setting picture/game info via InfoTags by @garbear in #23094
  • [Backport] Python API: Add missing gameinfo to Player class by @garbear in #23095
  • [backport][Subtitles][WebVTT] Fix reversed pts offset correction by @CastagnaIT in #23128
  • [Nexus][PVR] Fix last opened group not always restored on Kodi startup. by @ksooo in #23165
  • [Backport] RetroPlayer: Fix memory exhaustion with zero-copy emulators by @garbear in #23142
  • [backport][Android] Avoid crash when create recommendation channels a… by @joseluismarti in #23166
  • [Nexus][PVR] Prevent crash on saved search by @emveepee in #23195
  • [Nexus] ViderPlayerAudio: fix setting of resample mode on stream change by @mglae in #23167
  • [BP][Windows] restore window position and size up to virtual screen min-max width & height by @CrystalP in #23218
  • [Backport][Windows] fix thread names in debugger / crash dumps by @CrystalP in #23243
  • [Windows][build ffmpeg] more robust build scripts by @thexai in #23219
  • [backport] Revert “[cmake] glx: find glx library instead of gl” by @lrusak in #23275
  • [backport] CPythonInvoker: fix python path by inserting custom path before default path by @lrusak in #23274
  • [Backport][Windows] fix playback of HDR material when Windows is already in HDR mode (AMD) by @CrystalP in #23270
  • [backport][Nexus]Fix build with GCC>=13 by @bkuhls in #23314
  • [Nexus][platform] macOS,iOS: Add speech recognition and microphone usage des… by @ksooo in #23341
  • [backport] SavestateFlatBuffer: Remove forward declararion of FlatBufferBuilder by @neo1973 in #23334
  • [backport] Fix build with GCC>=13 by @neo1973 in #23333
  • [Estuary] Reset 1110_seekbar timer on seeks by @enen92 in #23382
  • [Nexus][PVR] Timer settings dialog: Set certain settings to default on change of timer type. by @ksooo in #23385
  • [Nexus] Fix watched/unwatched filter not working when creating playli… by @ksooo in #23398
  • [BP][CMake][FlatC] Don’t use local flatc with ENABLE_INTERNAL_FLATBUFFERS if versions don’t match by @fuzzard in #23386
  • [Estuary] Also start timer (with reset) on seeks by @enen92 in #23400
  • [BP] SysfsPath: Have CSysfsPath::Get() return a std::optional because reads can fail by @neo1973 in #23390
  • [BP] CRenderManager: Add missing member initialization by @neo1973 in #23391
  • Fix Thumbnails of Rotated Pictures by @CrystalP in #23319
  • [backport][Addons][Filesystem] No cache, not treat compressed files as directory by @CastagnaIT in #22929
  • [Nexus] Backport E-AC3 fixes from master by @HiassofT in #23411
  • [backport][Android] Prefer Google raw decoder over MediaTek on old An… by @joseluismarti in #23452
  • [FontUtils] Give priority to MS font family name in english by @CastagnaIT in #23444
  • [Nexus] Bump version 20.2 by @fuzzard in #23454

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