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Joomla 4.2.9 Bugfix Release veröffentlicht

Joomla 4.2.9

Joomla 4.2.9 Bugfix Release behebt mehr als 8 Fehler und sorgt so für die Stabilität des CMS.

Joomla 4.2.9 Release Notes

  • A change in the htaccess.txt with a new post installation message > See here
  • Resetting a password is logged now > See here
  • The URL to contact VCF is fixed > See here
  • Images with @ in filename are displayed correctly > See here
  • Login feedback if user do not have offline access > See here
  • Mail template fix “reply to” > See here
  • Admin login – set max width on image > See here
  • Several subform fixes

Visit GitHub for the full list of bug fixes.

Quelle: Joomla 4.2.9 Bug Fix Release

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