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iTOP ITIL ITSM und CMDB 3.2-1 Bugfix Release erschienen

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Die Open Source ITIL ITSM und CMDB Webanwendung iTop, erheilt das Bugfix Update 3.2-1. Neben Security hardening wurden für den User und Administrator über 30 Änderungen durchgeführt. Die Kompatibilität auf PHP 8.0 angehoben. 11 Änderungen ergeben sich zudem für Entwickler.

Das Update kann seit iTop 2.7.0 bequem über das Menü System -> Anwendungsupgrade durchgeführt werden.

iTop 3.2-1 Release Notes

  • N°5509 – Fix 3.0.0 regression on user Provisioning Issue with CAS
  • N°5394 – Security hardening
  • N°5510 – Fix exception “$amount: Expected 5% to be within 0% and 1%” when compiling a theme. Be cautious if you use fadein() function in your extensions

For users

  • N°5138 – Fix not being able to click on hyperlinks in tooltips
  • N°5408 – Enable mentions on classes with no image attribute
  • N°4834 – Mentions works with any alphabet (cyrillic, asian, corean…) thanks to Vladimir Kunin
  • N°5192 – Restore Green color to highlight OK objects
  • N°5071 – Fix properties tab on objects popup hiding in “…” overflowing button. Fix objects popup shrinking when scrolling.
  • N°4966 – Refresh the page after dashboard creation, to display the switch button
  • N°4927 – Hide date picker widget displayed in a new temporary column on the right
  • N°4918 – Fix “other tabs” pop-up menu displayed behind some others elements and so not readable
  • N°4739 – Add semantic on state for User classes (class icon, state)
  • N°5198 – Fix external key combo-box behavior when more than 150 results
  • N°5088 – Fix audit displaying only 10 rules per category
  • N°5060 – Fix long history display. “max_history_length” moved from 50 to 200.
  • N°5027 – Fix AttributeUrl default validation pattern not handling anchors starting with a digit
  • N°5024 – Fix missing entries in object search banner for external key criteria
  • N°4792 – Improve performance when editing an external key
  • N°5397 – Update Dutch translations
  • N°5050 – Update Spanish translations for 3.0 (thanks to Miguel Turrubiates)
  • N°5179 – Add Chinese translations thanks to @bdejin
  • N°5266 – Dutch translations for the webhooks extension

For administrators

  • N°5315 – Support of OAuth2 authentication protocol to send and receive emails
  • N°5373 – PHP 8.0 compatibility for iTop Community – Be cautious extensions might not be compatible
  • N°5395 – OAuthServer error messages, added to iTop error log
  • N°5389 – Restore linkset placeholder in notification (3.0.0 regression)
  • N°4888 – New url() placeholder in Notification, similar to hyperlink() but not clickable
  • N°5341 – Add tool to repair misalignment between Caselog and caselog index
  • N°3024 – Any class can be archive (no more limited to Ticket, Contact and FunctionalCI)
  • N°5318 – Fix error messages being HTML encoded when not necessary
  • N°5462 – Setup warning if the web server allows unauthenticated user to browse restricted folders
  • N°5393 – Security hardening against brute force attacks
  • N°4975 – Security hardening against server files read access

For developers

  • N°5389 – TriggerOnObjectUpdate has been moved after the reload, done if a linkset is modified
  • N°5383 – DBObject::EnumTransitions() is now an “overwritable hook”
  • N°5375 – Fix XML custo on Semantic field with hierarchy, breaking at compilation
  • N°5343 – Menu displayed under an user hidden parent menu, are hidden without crash
  • N°5143 – Fix FunctionExpression for DATE_FORMAT and formats %j, %k and %l
  • N°5033 – Add model file to ‘itop-bridge-virtualization-storage’ module to avoid compilation crash when lnkVirtualDeviceToVolume class is removed
  • N°4910 – Removed format control of old value of AttributeURL (new value must still be compliant to default URL pattern)
  • N°4715 – Remove deprecated legacy SQL build
  • N°5009 – Move empty “icon” tag under “class/properties/style” tag in XML 3.0 datamodel of all standard classes
  • N°4903 – Fix dynamic “app_root_url” conf. param. not used properly for the app. icon
  • N°5101 – Add an explicit message on setup when the state attribute, declared in semantic field property, referred to a non existing field.

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