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Green Hell Storage & Transportation Pre Update


Entwickler Creepy Jar hat das neue Update Storage & Transportation für Green Hell veröffentlicht.

Green Hell Patch-Notes

New Stuff

  • Sled – a new addition for transporting heavy objects which won’t fit in your Backpack. You can put two different types of Heavy Objects in one Sled,
  • Elevator – a new, easier way of transporting heavy resources to both upper floors of your base and to Tree Houses,
  • Shelf – a new type of universal storage, that you can unpack most of the items from your Backpack – excluding weapons and sticks,
  • Hanging Shelf – now you can add more storage space with the first wall add-ons,
  • Small Storage Basket – a new improved version of the Small Stone Stand. It can hold various types of objects: Stone, Obsidian Stone, Charcoal, Bone, Plank,
  • Large Storage Basket – a new improved version of the Big Stone Stand. It can hold various types of heavy objects such as: Big Stone, Green Coconut, Mud Brick,

Major changes in storage:

  • More universal Stands and Storages: one universal Leaf Stand can store both Banana and Palm leaves. Also applies to the Log Stand, the Stick Stand and the Long Stick Stand,
  • New Bamboo versions of Stands: every storage construction has now its bamboo version,
  • Increased capacity of Stands: some older Stands, such as the Rope Stand, have now extended capacity,
  • Improved item storing & removing mechanic: now you can place an item in storage with a single button, and take it out with another,
  • Removed animation delay for picking up items: you no longer have to wait for animation to complete to pick another item. The faster you click, the faster you pick,
  • Improved Blueprint Snapping System: you should be able to aim and snap your construction blueprints to already existing constructions more precisely.

To take part in the Storage & Transportation Pre Update Beta (PUB), you need to:

  • have Green Hell added to your Steam library – and downloaded as well,
  • click the right mouse button on it, and choose “Properties”,
  • in the popup choose option “Betas”, then enter beta access code: “LoveYourCapybara”, and select “GH_PUB” branch,
  • now you can play the Storage & Transportation Update contents before their release – in the Pre Update Beta access!
  • If you still can’t see the GH_PUB branch after checking the code in, please restart the Steam client and try again.

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