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Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia Part 3 Release

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Entwickler Creepy Jar hat den dritten Teil des “Spirits of Amazonia” veröffentlicht. Schließe Jakes Reise ab und entdecke rituelle Orte. Es gibt neue Aktivitäten auf der Map und neue Gefahren.

Green Hell Amazonia Part 3
Green Hell Amazonia Part 3

Patch Notes

New Stuff

  • Jake’s journey with the Spirits of Amazonia reaches its epic end
  • Introducing the Habukku, an Amazonian fishing tribe
  • Three ritual arenas—themed for each of the tribes
  • A new region with lots of locations to explore
  • 4 new legends
  • A brand new AI, the centipede
  • 2 new activities, 2 new weapons, a new pottery mechanic, and more


  • Items can be added to crafting by left clicking them while holding lCtrl
  • Small animation changes
  • And many fixes


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