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Forspoken Patch 1.12

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Entwickler Luminous Productions hat den Patch 1.12 für das Rollenspiel Forspoken veröffentlicht.

Forspoken Patch-Notes

Feature Updates:

  • Adjusted the visual effects for Frey’s Shot spell.
  • Changed the default Sprint button from “L3” to “L3 or 〇”.
    *Existing save files will not be affected.
  • Frey can now run in certain locations, such as Pilgrim’s Refuges, the Archives, and the Mausoleum.
    *Running will remain disabled during certain event scenes.


  • The touchpad controls for DualSense™ Wireless Controller (PlayStation®5) can now be used when the controller is paired by Bluetooth.
    *Certain DualSense™ Wireless Controller features, such as the intergraded speaker or haptic feedbacks cannot be used by Bluetooth pairing.
  • Updated the Intel XeSS version to 1.1.0 which can be used for Intel ARC and Iris Xe.
    *The driver must be updated to or a later version.

Technical Issues:

  • Various minor fixes.

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