Fireworks Mania Update v2022.8.1

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Entwickler Laumania ApS hat ein neues Update für den Feuerwerks Simulator Fireworks Mania veröffentlicht.



  • – Removed 4th of July decorations
  • – Added new feature where a backup of blueprints are saved on each save, so you can restore an older version in case you overwrites it. You find the backups in the blueprints folder by clicking the “Open Folder” button in the Blueprints UI in the Inventory. This is only working going forward, so you have to save at least one blueprint/quicksave with this version (v2022.8.1) to see the “Backups” folder in there. To restore, you simple copy the backup file you want back into the “Blueprints” folder and press the “Refresh” button in the Blueprint UI.

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