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Fireworks Mania Update V2022.5.2 Experimental


Entwickler Laumania ApS hat ein neues Experimental Update für den Feuerwerks Simulator Fireworks Mania veröffentlicht.


  • Completely changed how maps and mods are loaded – this is a big deal and a big change! It is now loads mods faster and with a minimum of freezing
  • Changed loading screen to dynamically change background and tip at timed intervals
  • Added new loading screen backgrounds
  • [EXPERIMENTAL] Testing out having the big fires emit some smoke to add to the feeling of mayhem if things catch on fire. What do you think?
  • Added “Ambient volume” to settings so you now have the option to control the volume of the ambient sound in the game. You are welcome mod creators ;


  • Fixed bug where some items made you fly around when pickedup
  • Fixed bug where a lot of errors where logged in some cases when the UI is hidden
  • Fixed bug where some object jumped around while picked up


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