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Cities Skylines 2 Patch 1.0.18f1

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Entwickler Colossal Order Ltd. hat den Patch 1.0.18f1 für den Städtebausimulator Cities Skylines 2 veröffentlicht.

Cities Skylines 2 Patch Notes:

Winter Treat – 2 New Maps

  • Sunshine Peninsula
  • Corral Riches


  • Added LODs for characters and selected assets
  • Optimized geometry layout for all assets
  • Decreased Virtual Texturing pressure with assets that don’t use emissive maps
  • Disabled VSync for default settings
  • Disabled volumetric lighting calculations where it was mostly invisible


  • Improved lane-changing behavior for vehicles
  • Fixed: Traffic accidents that last forever (and improved resolution of the accidents)
  • Improved cargo air transport by:
    • Increasing airplane cargo capacity from 50t to 100t
    • Increasing airport cargo terminal capacity from 100t to 720t
    • Adding all resource types to Airplane Outside Connections
    • Not allowing cargo terminals to store garbage resource
  • Storage fixes:
  • Improved storage buildings to consider both current storage and future storage (to include cargo already on its way)
    • Fixed: Cargo terminals import garbage
    • Fixed: Companies can buy the input resource from commercial companies
    • Fixed: Export can happen when output resource amount is below 0
    • Fixed: Resource amount might become negative when transport vehicle loading a large amount of resource (negative amounts reset to 0 in existing saves)
    • Fixed: Airport can import goods from Road Outside Connection when there is no air cargo route
  • Economy fixes & improvements:
    • Replaced money buffering system with a new system that directly deducts the money (city’s income should be more predictable now)
    • Fixed: Income awarded twice
    • Fixed: Unknown profit during storage transfer
  • Fixed: Pedestrian navigation issues with train station’s subway upgrade (requires the building to be rebuilt to take effect)
  • Fixed: Pedestrian walking through the air between elevated/lowered/raised/tunnel networks and buildings
  • Fixed: Options search text can overlap with the delete symbol
  • Fixed: Sometimes pathfinding for resources does not include cargo loading locations
  • Fixed: Saving and rebooting the game gives extra XP based on the number of residential buildings in the city
  • Fixed: Four Seasons and Spiderwebbing achievements cannot be earned
  • Fixed: Pressing “M” while in photo mode removes the UI permanently for that session
  • Added missing localization for Photo Mode and Options menu


  • Added line color to passenger ships, cargo ships, and cargo train engines
  • Improved quality of character model variations
  • Fixed: Visual glitches with metallic/smoothness maps on character clothes
  • Fixed: Light props on Grand Bridge float in the air after connecting a road
  • Improved lights on forest machinery
  • Improved propping for several buildings
  • Fixed: Spawn point for cargo trucks is not inside the warehouse as expected
  • Fixed: International Aiport roads are not inverted with left-hand traffic
  • Fixed: Crosswalk looks broken when pedestrian path bridge is connected to ground pedestrian path through a road

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