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Cities Skylines 2 Patch 1.0.15f1

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Entwickler Colossal Order Ltd. hat den Patch 1.0.15f1 für den Städtebausimulator Cities Skylines 2 veröffentlicht.

Cities Skylines 2 Patch Notes:

Gameplay fixes

  • Mail fixes:
    • Fixed: Citizens do not have destinations in their Selected Info Panel when Sending Mail
    • Fixed: Post van not delivering/collecting mail from target building if the path accesses the lot in a specific way.
    • Fixed: Post van failing to collect mail from building if it’s also delivering mail to the same building at the same time.
    • Fixed: Post sorting facility is unable to export global mail
  • Storage transfer fixes:
    • Adjusted industrial companies’ production efficiency to produce more products to increase good exports.
    • Adjusted storage companies spawning, storage companies will spawn less than storage capacity demand to increase goods export.
    • Fixed vehicle state that isn’t exporting showed as exporting state
    • Cargo Stations like harbors, and train terminals will have a low stock amount at 100t, the terminal will import around 30t each time the current amount is below 100t.
    • Cargo Stations like harbors, and train terminals will have an export threshold of 200t, the terminal will export around 30t each time the current amount is above 200t.
    • Storage companies will spawn less than the current producing capacity to increase export (does not affect existing storage companies in the city)
    • Improved pathfinding to include storage & cargo stations as valid import candidate targets
  • Improved moving in pathfinding. This prevents citizens from reserving homes from disconnected buildings (Or moving into the city at all if it’s not connected to an outside connection).
  • Increased pathfinding penalty for illegal pedestrian crossing
  • Fixed: Several instances of vehicles getting stuck
  • Fixed: Roads shown as inaccessible in Build menu can be used when the player has low budget
  • Fixed: Hydro power plant output increases with simulation speed
  • Improved water flow update when terraforming
  • Fixed: Progression XP is not awarded for constructing Signature Buildings
  • Fixed: Coal power plant does not import resource from nearby harbor
  • Fixed: Citizens are shopping in industrial zones in factories instead of commercial zones
  • Fixed: multiple issues related to constructing multilevel roads, elevated roads over water or bridges
  • Improved elevated road construction (Not actual bridges) to require more pillars

Graphics fixes

  • Improved terrain smoothing for networks and large buildings
  • Fixed: Forward road arrows on building lots incorrect for left-hand traffic.
  • Fixed: Trees sticking out of the river in the main background image
  • Fixed: Dam (net-part only) facing the wrong way when using left-hand traffic
  • Fixed: Buildings missing road arrows and some other props depending on the selected theme
  • Fixed: International Airport missing bus stops when using the North America theme.

UI fixes

  • Improved Selected Info Panel and Infoview panels to scale with text scale
  • Improved sorting of households:
    • Citizens sorted by age in household/single-family home Selected Info Panel sidebar
    • Households sorted by member count in building Selected Info Panel sidebar
  • Fixed: Pressing “M” while in photo mode removes the UI permanently for that session Still happens, we’ll continue to investigate this issue.
  • Fixed: Customer Info view for low customers terrain color inconsistent to the terrain color of other RCIO Info views
  • Fixed: UI forwardRef error which was appearing sporadically when loading a save

Other fixes

  • Fixed: Now They’re All Ash Trees, Out For a Spin, The Size of Golf Balls, Groundskeeper, Up and Away achievements, and Four Seasons achievements
  • Fixed: Prefabs not unlocking correctly
  • Fixed: Cinematic camera data is not resetting when loading a save or starting a new one
  • Fixed: Object base mesh not visible if the main object is out of camera viewport
  • Fixed: Forestry Area’s Forest Forwarder was not playing the engine sound
  • Increased all emergency vehicle siren sound distances
  • Improved cached progress for Achievements
  • Added 2 new steps to Education tutorial
  • Added missing translations
  • Optimized XP calculations
  • Improved error and crash reporting tools

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