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BigBlueButton 2.6.1 veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler des Open-Source Webkonferenzsystems mit Integration in verschiedene Lern- und Inhaltsplattformen, haben das Bugfix Release 2.6.1 veröffentlicht. Dieses ist ein Major Release das Fehler behebt Fehler, das Whiteboard komplett überarbeitet hat und Stabilität in BigBlueButton bringt.

BigBlueButton 2.6.1 Release Notes

HTML5 client


  • fix: Copy/Paste into Guest Policy textbox will cause a text box to appear in whiteboard by @ramonlsouza in #16979
  • fix: poll results size calculation on firefox by @ramonlsouza in #17085
  • fix(access): Prevent Race Condition Removing Role Value by @KDSBrowne in #17071
  • fix: Missing buttons on menus in low resolutions. by @Scroody in #17231
  • fix(presentation): workaround for slide download by @Arthurk12 in #17194
  • fix: Dragging presentation area instead of rotated shape by @ramonlsouza in #17320
  • fix: Fix custom virtual background not being disabled when removed by @Tainan404 in #17110
  • fix: Close poll on slide change by @zhem0004 in #17052
  • fix: Prevent URLs Triggering Typed Response Poll Option by @KDSBrowne in #17107
  • fix(access): Presentation Interference With Keyboard Access in Breakout Management by @KDSBrowne in #16989
  • fix: fix presentation modal freeze when cleaning errors by @GuiLeme in #17214
  • fix: Update Style Menu Position On Iphone by @KDSBrowne in #17325
  • fix(whiteboard): Bug while panning the slide by pressing the scroll mouse button or spacebar by @ramonlsouza in #17322
  • fix: Note notification removed when shared notes pinned. by @Scroody in #17327
  • fix(whiteboard): Reduce max canvas size by @ramonlsouza in #17097
  • fix(bbb-html5): Dismiss uploading toast after content capture by @danielpetri1 in #17239
  • fix: Recover broken allowModsToUnmuteUsers functionality by @paultrudel in #17054
  • fix: Undo bug returning to slide ‘0’. by @Scroody in #17172
  • fix: Error message on layout change. by @Scroody in #17361
  • fix: fix some code smell by adding const for variables by @antobinary in #17345
  • fix: empty slide on presentation change by @ramonlsouza in #17357
  • fix: Allow viewing of longer names in guest waiting queue by @zhem0004 in #17084



  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘fr’ by @transifex-integration in #17342
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘fr’ by @transifex-integration in #17238
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘fa_IR’ by @transifex-integration in #17298
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘hy’ by @transifex-integration in #17241
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘fr’ by @transifex-integration in #17339
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘fr’ by @transifex-integration in #17195



  • recording: Fix video processing OOM, Broken pipe errors by @kepstin in #17112
  • recording/video: Fix typo in area layout by @kepstin in #17201
  • recording: Increase quality of libx264 intermediate files by @kepstin in #17329
  • recording: Fix video processing incompatibility with Ruby 2.7 by @kepstin in #17379





Release name

Passing -v focal-260 to will always install the latest released BigBlueButton 2.6 version.

If for some reason you would like to install this specific release, pass -v focal-260-2.6.1.

We still recommend using -v focal-260 as this repository is continually updated with each BigBlueButton 2.6 release.

Client build: 518


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