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Supermarket Simulator Update

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Entwickler Nokta Games hat zwei weitere Hotfixes für den Supermarket Simulator veröffentlicht.

Supermarket Simulator Patch-Notes:


  • Increased customer count gap to increase gradually with store level
  • Added opening & closing checkout counters
  • Added cashier moving to any available checkout counter when his counter is boxed
  • Added Steam Cloud support
  • Added save file backup system
  • Added auto-save system to save everytime a day’s completed
  • Added a save button to the settings menu
  • Fixed the bug causing corrupting save files. If you still have the issue, please make sure you turn off your anti-virus software
  • Fixed some visual bugs
  • Fixed Japanese translation of the Restocker menu & the locked text on the storage door
  • Fixed boxes staying on air
  • Fixed green tea visuals and balanced the item count on both box & shelf
  • Fixed employee costs are not paid on a new day
  • Edited some products
  • Fixed filters for products on the market app not working


  • Added mouse invert and FOV settings
  • Fixed not being able to take items into the empty boxes once closed and opened that started to happen after the last update
  • Fixed not being able to place boxes once placed into racks AKA boxes staying red
  • Fixed restockers mixing products and misplacing them
  • Fixed NPC pathfinding bug that causes characters to get stuck or move weirdly
  • Fixed product icons on boxes are clipping with the cardboard box
  • Fixed closed checkouts are re-opening on a new day by itself
  • Fixed the count of Zap Soda on purchase
  • Fixed racks keeping the label when placing an empty box onto them
  • Fixed cashiers not starting to work when spawned or moved
  • Optimized the way restockers work for better FPS

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