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Steam – Client Update 28.03.16

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Mit dem Client Update bringt Valve einige Neuerungen im VR Bereich und behebt Fehler die zu Abstürzen des Clients führten.

Mehr Details zum Clientupdate findet ihr im Update-Log:


  • Added new Desktop Game Theater support, run any of your normal desktop games and have them appear on a giant virtual screen in your headset. Any game that supports Steam Broadcast should work with this feature, some tuning of the games graphical settings may be required for the best experience.
  • Added new Desktop overlay button, access it via the system dashboard. Use the grip on the motion controller to bring up a keyboard, and the touchpad for mouse wheel movement.
  • Added a VR area to the Big Picture library and removed filtering for VR titles in the Browse section
  • Added icon in the Library view in the Steam Dashboard to show which games support motion controllers
  • Added SteamVR to the jump list options
  • Automatically launch SteamVR after it finishes updating
  • Added the SteamVR tool in the SteamVR section in the Library view
  • Added SteamVR Workshop for background images. These can be selected via Settings->In-Headset->Image.
  • Improved scrolling when using the touchpads in the Steam interface while in your HMD
  • Changed Play button in Big Picture to be an Exit button if you have launched the game
  • Fixed Steam not quitting correctly when shutting down SteamVR at the same time
  • Fixed keyboard dismissing unexpectedly when using the web browser in Big Picture
  • Fixed cursor not appearing when using the Desktop overlay

Steam Controller

  • Users can now add additional action sets with their own sets of bindings. Action sets can be added/deleted/named as appropriate and selected via a binding. Note that unlike mode-shifts, action sets completely replace all currently active bindings, and can have their own mode shifts and so forth.
  • Added New Controller Action binding types which will expand in the future with bindings that are not specific to the game, but rather higher level.
  • Added Change Action Set Binding – sets the action set to the next or a specified action set when used.
  • Added Show Keyboard Binding – shows the on-screen keyboard
  • Added Take Screenshot Binding – takes a screenshot
  • Added Joystick Click and A/B/X/Y as mode shift buttons
  • Action set Display and Beep are now options to show what action set has been switched to
  • Added a pop-up menu to the Big Picture overlay showing Action Set activation
  • Added user definable action sets for legacy games.
  • Removed hard coded desktop keyboard shortcut (stick click) and replaced it with controller action binding in the default desktop configuration.
  • Fixed Mode Shifts getting cleared when adding a mode shift to multiple action sets
  • Fixed action sets showing native actions rather than M/KB/Gamepad bindings in some conditions when using legacy action set
  • Fixed a crash when going into/out of an overlay while using the Steam Controller
  • Fixed some cases of non-steam games not applying controller settings. Ensure that “Allow Launchers” option is off for this to take effect.
  • Fixed controllers not turning off on Suspend power mode in Desktop mode which could cause zombie controllers to be seen over wireless
  • Fixed Horizontal Invert setting not working on Mouse Joystick

Big Picture

  • Fixed crash when using TrailerTV for your screensaver
  • Emoticons show up now in Big Picture Friends chat

Mac OS X

  • Fix Steam Controller input not being sent to games if the active configuration does not include gamepad inputs
  • Fixed a rare crash on login

In-Home Streaming

  • Added advanced streaming settings to the desktop-mode Settings dialog
  • Fixed a crash when streaming to or from a Steam client running a different version of Steam

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