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POSTAL 4: No Regerts Update 1.3.2


Entwickler Running With Scissors hat das Update 1.3.2 für Postal 4:No Regerts veröffentlicht.

Postal 4 Patch-Notes:

Changed / Improved

  • Added small outline to cheat input font in order to improve visibility
  • Imporved third-person Grenade throwing animation
  • Improved sidewalk collision in order to prevent NPCs from slightly floating
  • Adjusted Dude’s shoulders, they will now appear less sunken and more natural
  • Improved the text overlay which appears when you activate a ‘Going POSTAL Challenge’


  • New blood effects causing lag
  • Nutshots being extremely hard to land
  • Settings not saving in languages other than English
  • Weapon Wheel becoming unresponsive when using the ‘Free Mouse’ option
  • POSTAL and Nigh-Impossible modes allowing for extra saves and inventory-stored health items
  • Pain / Near Death skull being too small
  • Sewer Hobo Hate Group not triggering
  • Not being able to walk up the stairs in Wipe Compound without jumping first
  • Missing Gnome hatch in Prison tile
  • Crash that would occur sometimes when killing cops and another crash when completing objectives on Kunny Island
  • Inacessible ‘Going POSTAL Challenge’ outside of Kunny Island
  • Rock Smasher challenge not accepting ‘Charged’ and ‘Vitamin X’ Sledgehammer attacks
  • Dilbow challenge in the Ghost Town not having a visible target to hit
  • Restored Krotchy dolls to some locations in the Residential tile: Anu’s Inn, Laundromat and Rusty Trombone
  • Dude Eye meter and Melee Charge bars not disappearing when the game is paused
  • Text going off-screen during certain ‘Going POSTAL Challenges’
  • Landscape holes in Riverside tile
  • Car explosion sounds still playing when Audio was set to ‘0’
  • HUD appearing during the Wednesday Outro cutscene
  • Certain UI elements appearing blurry for a couple of seconds

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