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POSTAL 4: No Regerts Update 1.0.6


Entwickler Running With Scissors hat das Update 1.0.6 für Postal 4:No Regerts veröffentlicht. Neben einigen fixes wurde auch das Cop Outfit in der Polizei Station hinterlegt.

Postal 4 Update 1.0.6
Postal 4 Update 1.0.6

Patch Notes


  • Dude Cop outfit and Badge item! You’ll need to find them in the Police Station. More Badges can be purchased at the Speciality Vending Machines!
  • Cops on Scooters! Some Police reinforcements will now be coming to get you in style!
  • Grant Weapon / Grant Powerup support for Going POSTAL Challenges! Some challenges require the player to complete them with a certain weapon / powerup. Now, those required weapons or items will be assigned to player once activated
  • New sounds for Cat attacks!
  • Krotchy Tip in starting area when a marker is picked up (Explaining how to switch between / activate inventory items)
  • Fatigue health bar for The Boss fight
  • Three new Going POSTAL Challenges! Edensin Chainsaw Massacre, Finger Bang Bang and Scooter Rampage (Hint: Two of them are in Riverside and one in Prison tile). More to come!
  • ADS support for M60!
  • Subtitles to in-game cutscenes!
  • Health Bars for Kunny, Carter, Tinklage, Hardrock and Toilet Paper Man!

Changed / Improved

  • Made it so certain characters’ deaths will stop counting as a kill (Example: Hardrock). You won’t need to get NPCs to “kill” her in order to complete a Pacifist playthrough
  • Adjusted AI on Inmates in Prison to make them less braindead
  • Set up more light switches in various interiors
  • Going POSTAL challenges will now only spawn after you go see Joseph Bellow on Monday
  • Forced the Beggar Sign and Marker to disappear if acquired outside of Monday
  • Adjusted the Urine stream so it’s visible when looking up
  • Improved Aim Assist based on your feedback: Disabled aim assist on Melee weapons. Toned down the aim assist friction on the Controller. Controller aim assist will now only focus on armed Pawns
  • Adjusted text on the Rampage intro Krotchy Tip to account for weapon and item granting
  • Subtitles will now work on the Map Screen
  • Grenades, Molotovs and Rockets will now shatter nearby glass
  • Improved performance of Subtitle system
  • Added working water in Dark Lodge when you fall down the wooden bridges
  • Improved empty area in Riverside close to the first staircase. Added hobos and a ‘Going POSTAL Challenge’


  • Subtitles blocking the Phone map and other UIs sometimes
  • Fixed wrong texture direction of a road piece in Anu’s Inn area
  • “Nuts kicked in”, “Doors kicked in” and “Gallons of city water wasted” stats not working correctly
  • The Boss dying after a few hits from M60
  • Melee attackers swinging once they’re in range again rather than needing you to stand completely still
  • VR enemies using regular NPC skins
  • P3 Rampage not registering flamethrower. It will also now grant extra water bottles if you run out of pee
  • Blurry decal in Ghost Town
  • Invisible wall blocking players next to rail tracks in front of Wipe Compound area
  • Cashiers in SafeSpace supermarket stealing all your money!
  • Silencer and Reflex Sight attachments not saving when loading a save game
  • Players getting locked out of the Dinky Nozzle during the Cat Dude errand
  • Gamepad Look Sensitivity and general gamepad menu jankiness with sliders
  • Added failsafe for players getting stuck in the Dam after finishing
  • Corpses Lifetime config option not saving
  • Roller Coaster operator having a broken t-shirt texture
  • Sound occlusion problem with signs
  • Addressed the Overlay HUD crash
  • Feedback menu having outdated key binding prompt for taking screenshots (Changed to ‘U’ after last update)
  • Invisible Mercenaries in Pacify Merc Superior cutscenes
  • Save issues with Omerta Ouster and Peso Payback on Friday
  • 969 cutscene not skipping correctly
  • Crash related to Subtitles (If current language could not be found)
  • Outdated subtitle appearing in Tuesday Intro
  • InterestPoint crash along with some other crashes that were reported on Steam Forums
  • ard to obtain Krotchy doll on a path between Residential and Riverside and a Larry doll on a tree in The Zag and chair in Affluent tile
  • Some issues with the Dark Lodge exit
  • Roadhouse achievement
  • Waypoint system not working correctly most of the time
  • Weird flickering in various ‘Video’ and ‘Performance’ menu settings
  • Vince’s Mobsters stretching out ridiculously after getting dismembered
  • Parking lot ramps in Commercial district not having any collision
  • Pit Crew guy in Fix Race cinematic using incorrect textures
  • Map Screen getting blocked by Subtitles


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